Hello blogging!

So here is the beginning! I really do not know what is compelling me to start this blog, but it is a feeling that I just can not shake! It is something I have been considering for quite a few weeks. I thought it might be fun to document our adventures and our time in these other countries. I also thought that maybe this would be a good place to put some of those daily funnies that happens when you have to small children. Something easy that their Daddy could see when he is far away from us. All of these thoughts may have still been swirling in my head if I would not have gotten this horoscope on facebook:

Leo Your Daily Horoscope
Move forward with your plan of attack today, Leo. There’s an anxious rumble within you that’s urging you to get going with a current plan. You have all the facts you need, so don’t hesitate any longer. The power of the word is with you. You will be smooth, collected, and confident even in the most nerve-wracking situations. Words will flow off your tongue with ease.

This horoscope showed up literally minutes after sending a message to another friend that blogs asking her where to begin and what she thought about it. So I figured.. if I am looking for a sign…. well that one might as well have smacked me in the face!

So here is my promise to this blog – 1.) I will try very hard to remember to update this as often as I can. I am hoping daily but with two kids under 3 years, probably asking a lot! 2.) I will try to be entertaining, while at the same time being honest. 3.) (and this one might be hard) I will really try not to bore anyone that might be reading this with yet another story of how cute/funny/bad/perfect my child might have been that day. I will try to save just the funniest stories that I can not wait to share with someone! And all I ask of anyone reading this.. is please be forgiving! Please forgive any spelling errors, yes I know there is spell check, but if a baby is screaming that will take priority! Please forgive any grammar or punctuation errors.. I am not turning this in to be graded! So sit back and enjoy this ride with me….. welcome to a window into my crazy life!

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