Watch out Europe, here I come!

So I did it today, I got up the nerve and I drove away from the base! Up until this point I had stayed pretty close to home. I mean, I left base, but never ventured very far away. Two days ago I went and bought myself a GPS. I love that GPS, it is the coolest toy I have right now. I even named her today… her name is Lola. So anyways, I have been charging the GPS for 2 days, getting up the courage to just go. I decided today would be the day that Yashira, the kids and myself would go to Ramstein to go shopping. Then this morning as I was getting ready I started to chicken out. I kept thinking things like I would not know the signs and would get in an accident (I know the important ones like – stop/yield/do not enter/one way/primary road – lol!) which of course is silly. Then I was telling myself that I was scared of the autobahn. Yes people drive really fast on the autobahn, but just because they are driving that fast does not mean I have to also. I mean I would not jump off a bridge just because they did! (thanks mom for always pounding that in my head!) Then I was afraid that we would get lost, uh hello! new gps sitting right here!!! So I ran out of excuses. After battling with myself and losing/winning and deciding to just go, well then I had to battle the stroller. You see, I bought this luxury cruiser double seater when we were in the states. It fits good in my Mariner, not so good in a ’91 BMW. So here I am outside trying to put this thing in the trunk. It was kind of like playing tetris, when you have to get all the pieces to fit together JUST RIGHT! But I finally got it! Anyone that may have been watching me I am sure was getting a good laugh. And I hope that they did not have any minors watching with them. The stroller did get called a few bad names when it was not cooperating! And when it was finally in and the trunk was closed, well I threw my hands straight in the air and yelled “woo hoo.. .I win!!!!”.

After those battles it was off to get kids together and pack a diaper bag. I am telling you, by the time we pulled away from our building.. I was feeling a little like super mom! I was on a roll and there was no stopping me now! I believe I even sent Branden a text that said I was good, and I was even better than good, I was awesome! Nothing like patting yourself on the back or fishing for a good job honey!

So we went, no accidents, no driving down the wrong side of the road. We did not get lost thanks to Lola. I did get passed a lot on the autobahn, but eh.. I am okay with that! And we got lots and lots of shopping done! I even started on my Christmas shopping some today. Can’t wait to figure out how to post pictures once Halloween gets here. The kids costumes will be great! All in all… it was a great day. The weather was beautiful and we got out to enjoy some gorgeous Germany scenery!

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  1. i am so impressed! When Vivi was tiny, i had a hard time motivating to get out of the house HERE…can’t imagine doing it in a brand new country. Good for you, Mama!

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