Bad day in the neighborhood…

So today was the worst! Not just a bad day like “wow, I hope tomorrow is better” but a bad day like “if I have another one of those days anytime soon, I will run away from home, ALONE!”. It seems that we all woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. The days like this make me question all kinds of things. I mean how could you not question EVERYTHING when it seems that NOTHING has gone right today! I know my kids love me, I know that they are cared for and loved. And I also know that normally I have well-behaved children. But that is what makes days like today rough, I feel like I am flying in the fog and can’t see two feet ahead of me. Man, when we get off schedule here, we are out of control. So really at this point my mind is numb, the kids are finally asleep. I was going to just go to bed and then I thought that I would rather wake up to a fresh start in the morning. So I did the dinner dishes, washed the bottles and picked up the house. Hopefully that helps get us off on the correct foot tomorrow!

On a side note, I did learn that I LOVE MY BATHTUB! It is the first time since we have been here that I actually took a bath. The tubs here are huge! You have to step way up to get into it. And it slanted up on the side opposite the faucet. It is also long enough that I can lay back against the slant and stretch my legs all the way out, my feet just barely touch the other side. It is almost like it was made JUST FOR ME!! It was wonderful, and the bud light I took with me definitely helped! 🙂

So for today.. that is it… nothing too informative… I am going to bed now with the hope we all get a little sleep and that when the sun comes up tomorrow we are all a little more cheerful and cooperative!

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  1. We all have days like this! i think you did just the right thing by getting yourself ready for a fresh start the next day AND taking some time for yourself. Baths are awesome, especially with an adult beverage 🙂

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