I am blessed…

So earlier today I wrote a post about the hardships of living in the army and being an Army wife. But something just didn’t feel right about it, so I just saved it and did not post it. I am so happy I did not, because the day was early and it was going to get much better.

I had a wonderful day at the park with my two adorable kids and a new friend I have met here. Then on to pizza at her house afterwards and once I was home a call from my hubby!

 As I was washing bottles tonight I started thinking how blessed I am. I have a wonderful family who is very close. My in-laws are all great. My children are adorable and healthy, what more could a mother want? Also I have a husband who is not only my best friend, but someone I admire and I am extremely proud of!

I am also getting to experience a life that many people do not and my children will have many experiences that I hope they can learn from and that will help make them into the great adults I know they will be.  I am lucky and I am loved. And I am really going to try to remember this more on those days that I am feeling overwhelmed and lonely. Even though I have gone through many hardships, especially in the last year in a half, I have also received many little blessings in that year in a half and that is really what the focus should be! So here is to the hope of gaining a new perspective today and trying really hard to put it to use in my daily life!

These two little faces should be more than enough to give me the daily reminder of my blessings!

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  1. i love this! So glad you’re blogging!!

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