why oh why???

So today I had my first frustration of living on a military base in another country. I just really do not understand why walmart can not ship photographs that I order to an APO address??? So all the pictures I took so much time to pick out and decide what size I want.. well now I have to send them to my sister in law in AZ, then wait for them to be sent here to me! All this for pictures! I mean, I am paying the shipping, it is not like it is a huge box, I really just don’t understand. And for the other places that will not ship to an APO/FPO address I just want to be able to ask why? Is that not that same thing as saying you do not support our troops? The mail does not even get considered as international mail, it goes to a place in the US (I believe New York, but I could be wrong) then is sent from there to the appropriate base. I have even checked on toys for Kinsy for christmas and some stores even limit WHAT they will send. I could ship some toys, but not others. I can see how this is going to get very old, very quick. It’s not like we have walmart or target readily available to us here!

ok… I am done venting……. I just needed to let that out.

On a better note for the day…. I took Kinsy bowling today for the first time. She was so funny and she loved it. The sad thing is, she beat me twice!!! Maybe I should have been using the bumpers and the ball ramp also! I think my ball saw more time in the gutter than hitting any pins. Of course when we left the house I did not know we were going bowling, so my camera was on the counter. I usually try to keep it in the diaper bag, but forget this time. So no pictures of my future professional bowler! Told Branden that I took her and she loved it, he seemed upset that he missed another first :(. So maybe when he gets home we will go again and I will take the camera and get her first time bowling with daddy. I am sure neither one will complain about going out and having some fun!

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