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Well we did it! Myself along with my friends Audrey and Yashira, and kids, went out and went shopping at a german mall. This mall was HUGE! we were there like 4 hours… and saw 3 stores.. lol! It is a three-story mall! It is called Neunkirchen Mall and is about 45 minutes from our house. It struck me as we were walking around the mall.. that we are the foreigner. You know in the states when you are in the mall and you hear someone speaking a foreign language, you glance over at them. Well we were the people speaking the foreign language! I also realized today just how rude german people are. Maybe it is not fair to lump them all together like that, but wow, I don’t know if  ‘excuse me’ is in their language. You really do have to push and shove, or take the risk of being run over! And for the first time today I had to use Euros, that was strange, also had to use a german ATM to get them! Good thing it shows english. The sales clerks would try to talk to in german, I could ask them if they spoke english, and some did. But go figure in the first store I decided to buy something I get the clerk who does not speak english and is training. Let me tell you, that made it interesting. And of course throughout this whole day, Kinsy was the biggest monster! I am sure that the people we saw were thinking OMG look at that kid, that mom has no control! I did get really funny looks when I took her out of one store and made her stand with her face up against the wall outside of it. But at that point I did not care, I was losing the battle with her and had to take drastic measures. Of  course the one day that I did not pack an extra outfit for Jack is the one day he decides to have a major blowout!!! I was thinking, could this day be anymore stressful?!? And of course the famous bathroom stops, Kinsy is potting training, so when she says she has to go, well you don’t have much time. So we are walking around and all the sudden she yells she has to potty. We are scrambling to find a bathroom. We look on the sign and find one and run to it and I am standing outside the doors trying to figure out if we are Herren or Damen! (which we are Damen for anyone that cares to know!) And you have to pay to use the bathroom. There is a man or a women that sits outside at a table and you have to throw euros on the plate when you come out of the bathroom!!! To be completely honest, I do not even know how much you are supposed to put there, I could never tell what anyone was throwing. But I threw 50 euro cents and he smiled.. so must have been ok! Also got some ice cream before we left. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I do not know what was different about that ice cream, but man was it good! Even had to do some charades to get it since the guy selling it did not speak english. Today just solidified that I really need to learn some German, even just the basics to get through. Enough to ask where a bathroom is and how much something is. Or just to understand them when I am trying to check out of a store. They offer a basic German class here on base, I really think next week I should look into that more.  Today is the first day I have met and hung out with Audrey, I sure hope my monsters did not scare her off today!  The weather today was rainy and crappy, so the perfect day to be in a mall, not so perfect to drive home after dark on unfamiliar roads! But we all arrived safe and sound!

Today was a great adventure and a great learning experience! It was a little nerve-wracking, but I am glad I finally did it. I can not wait to take Branden back there!

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