quiet days…

some of my favorite days are the ones that you never get out of your pajamas! Unfortunately today was not one of those days, I really wanted it to be, but the mommy duty called as we had no milk in the fridge and formula was getting low.  So we did have to get dressed to go to the store, but as soon as we got home I was back in my pajamas. There is just something about those days that you just hang out with your family and watch tv, play games and snack your way through the day. I am glad we don’t get them every day, because then they would not be so special.

 The only thing missing in our day today was Branden. I was really missing him today and I think the kids were too. Kinsy heard my cell phone ring after she had already been put in bed and she has already learned the only one that calls that phone is her daddy. She got back up so she could tell him that she missed him and loved him. Some days this army life is just rough. And some days you wonder “did we make the right decision? Is this time apart really what is gonna work for our family?” And really there is no answer to that … even if we decide today we don’t like it, we are stuck with it.. for at least 2 more years. So you gather yourself up, wait for the phone call or text so you can tell him you love him, get hugs and kisses from your kids instead and keep on moving. I also think that the quiet days here in Germany make Branden’s void even more noticeable, there really is no distractions here with family and friends. I have met a few, but not like the ones at home, at least not yet. And sometimes that makes the lonely times even lonelier, the time difference to the states definitely does not help either.

I guess it was just one of those days, really mixed emotions. I love the lazy days, but wish we could have the whole family here to spend time together. Thank god i have my children on these days. Their hugs, kisses and smiles make these days so much easier.

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