Today was a day of lessons! lesson #1 today – one Zumba class that totally kicks your ass will also completely motivate you to lose that baby weight! I had to talk myself into going today, and I am so glad I did! It am sore and tired.. but it is a good sore and tired. I thought I was gonna die during the class, but amazingly enough as soon as it was over I could not wait for the next class. It was amazing even though I had to use my inhaler and I was sweating like a pig! lol I have 30 lbs I want to lose, well to be honest, I will be happy with 30 lbs.. but 40 would be oh so much better! I can do it, I know I can. I have done it twice before. But babies will put that weight right back on you! So I found my motivation today and I am hoping that I can stick with it. I even ate a healthy breakfast before going and when I got home I ate a healthy lunch (didnt want to ruin all that work that I just did!)  May even see if there isnt some way for me to get into the Friday night belly dancing class! Woo hoo go me!

Lesson #2 – It is really, really, really hard to make friends as an adult. I have been here for a month now and I feel like I am really putting an honest effort into making friends. I really do not know what the issue is. I know that a lot of the girls I am meeting are A LOT younger than me.. usually 9 – 10 yrs. I do not expect to get a long with all of them that I meet. I just don’t know. I sometimes wonder if growing up in such a small town  where we graduated with people we went to kindergarten with didn’t teach me to learn how to make friends. We all pretty much grew up together and all knew each other for as long as we could remember. I think that ones that moved into the town had to make friends with us rather than vice versa. Does that make any sense?? I do know that I am me, end of story. I am too old to play the high school games and I have no desire to sit around and watch others do it. If you do not like me, well I am sorry, but I am not going to change. So I guess I will just take my time and make friends that will be true to me. Until then… well I have one friend I have made, Yashira, I know she is a great person and will be true! and I have my kiddos, they don’t have a choice, they are my friends regardless! 🙂

On a cute note – took the kids with me to Zumba today. Jack was an angel the whole time in his car seat and Kinsy.. well she was out there trying to do the moves with us! Think that next time I will put her in leggings or sweats instead of jeans so she can work out! I had promised her that she could play with kids there (I had heard that there was other kids that went) and of course there was none. She was very sad that she didn’t get to play with kids, so I promised to take her to play group in the afternoon. We went and just our luck, she was the only kid that showed up to afternoon play group! I felt so bad for my girl today. She did play with all the toys at play group and we sang songs and she played the drums. I told her we could go again Wed. I sure hope there is kids there for her to play with!

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  1. Good for you, Mama!! Vivi just turned 1, and i am only now ready to start thinking about trying to lose the extra weight i’ve been carrying. It’s tough! Know that i’m cheering you on from here 🙂

    • Thanks Jennie! We can do it together and be eachothers support team!

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