all about me….

ha ha… this is my blog so it is all about me! Just kidding….  I was reading through my blog and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really sound like me. Maybe the serious parts of me… but I am usually not all that serious. At times, I think that I am pretty funny, even if I am the only one laughing. So I am reading this and wondering why I sound so serious all the time? and it comes to me, I think that I am maybe afraid of offending whom ever might be reading this with my weird sense of humor. Then I realize.. that this is MY blog, MY feelings and thoughts.. and if someone doesn’t like it… well quite honestly they are free to click the little x up in the right hand corner and bug off! I am in such a mind-set here to make new friends and be nice and don’t let anyone get the wrong idea, to be “normal” until they get to know me better. But then I post that I am me and deal with it… well that is not me to play nice until you decide if you like me enough to get to know me. So here comes the real Caryn… watch out all! 🙂 Sometimes I say things that I really don’t mean the way they come out, I am at times brutally honest. If I am just keeping my mouth shut it is probably because I know that you honestly don’t want to hear what I have to say on the subject. And on occasion the famous Killingsworth sarcasm does make an appearance. I am not as quick as my dad or my brothers on the come backs… but I do have my days. But I can also be one of the most loyal friends you will ever have. I may not be the best at calling or keeping in touch, but if I had your back at one time I will have it forever. More times than I care to recall I have been screwed over because I keep going back to some detrimental friendship because I truly believe that everyone has some good in them and i keep looking for it. I don’t expect much from my friends except the same loyalty I give you and the knowledge that even if I am not calling you all the time, I do think about you. The next time we do talk, it will be like there was never any time we didn’t!

So I guess if I wrote an honest blog about today.. it would be these things that I thought of or that occurred throughout today –

1. I wonder how such little people (Kinsy and Jack) can have farts that can out do a lot of men I know. I don’t know what is going on with these two today.. but we needs air fresheners and possibly a cork for each, stat.

2. I love going to zumba, and I am glad that I am not the only one that can not move my hips like the girl teaching it. Nor am I the only one that seems completely lost most of the time.

3. I realized today that women who are not mommies can not seem to ignore a two yr old crying tantrum, the rest of us have already learned to tune it out and to be quite honest, we ‘forget’ it is even happening and are able to continue on with what we are doing.

4. that as much as I love being a mommy and I am so blessed and I love my children, there are times that I wish they would go away so I could have just one more hour of sleep! Sorry babies, I do love you, but man I miss sleep!

5. that my daughter walked around all day with her pants on backwards, unbeknownst to me, and her shoes on the wrong feet through subway and the px (again I did not notice)  and the world did not come to end because my kids were not put together perfect. That is the way of a 2 almost 3 yr old that wants to dress herself. And again being honest… this morning I was running late and it saved me the time dressing her, she did it herself while I was dressing Jack and I kept thinking how great it was that she was becoming more independent!

and now that I have all of that off my chest…. off to bed I go!

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  1. This is awesome! i love your “real” voice…keep it coming 🙂

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