good-bye perfect driving record…

Up until today my driving record had been PERFECT! I do mean perfect! I had no tickets. I had never been in an accident (in my car while I was driving, I have been passengers in accidents). My only insurance claims had been for windshields. I was very proud of this fact. Then today came along and BAM!!! no more perfect record. The really crappy part (besides the ticket) is that I do not even know where they clocked me! It happened on base and apparently I was going 43 in a 30. I honestly do not know if I was or wasn’t. It had been a long morning, we had already been to the doctor with Jack (where they changed his formula to ridiculously expensive formula), to WIC to try to get help with this formula and they will not see me until tomorrow morning. And then we went to the PX to buy Jack a boppy pillow because all he wants to do is sit up, he is not good enough to do it himself, and I am not getting anything done because of it! And then to the commissary to buy pedialyte and ridiculously expensive formula. Then on the way home all I notice is some soldier step out of a bush and start flagging me down, so I stop. Only to find out it is an MP and I was told I need to pull into the parking lot because I was speeding!!!! I was not the only car there, and there were two MP’s tag teaming writing tickets. I sat there waiting for my ticket worried about what does this mean for Branden since I received this on base and they asked me his unit and company. I got my ticket and he could not tell me how much it was going to cost and that I should be receiving something from the provost marshal in the mail and that I need to notify my husband and his chain of command!! I told Branden, he is not sure what is gonna happen. I am so disappointed in myself! But I guess if I had to be honest, it has been a good run. I am 33 yrs old and been driving since I was 16 and this is my first ticket. I guess it was bound to happen at some point!!! On a side note – of course the whole time I am waiting for him to come back with my ticket, Jack is screaming because he is STARVING and McKinsy is yelling because she is trying to outdo her brother and then asking me what we are doing and who is the MP.  When he comes back to give me my ticket all this is going on and he has the nerve to tell me to have a nice day. Really????? Does it really look like I am having a nice day or that it is going to get any better from that point on??

*** Just thought  I would add an addendum on here, when I was pulled over today for doing 43 in a 30 that is kph….. so technically speaking.. I was doing 26 in an 18 mph zone. Watch out I am one loose cannon!

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  1. i think the fact that you’re in a brand new country, learning all of their rules, gives you another reason to be nice to yourself. It could have been much worse!

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