That is all I can think about is how tired I am! Do new mommy’s have that fatigue wall that they hit? Is there a point where enough is enough and you just crash? This last week has been LONG… Jack has been sick, there for no sleep for me. Of course he catches up during the day, that is not an option with an active toddler! Kinsy has also decided that she no longer needs naps, this goes right along with Jack not sleeping at night. How do other mommy’s do it? The big question is when do you sleep??

The other thought that goes through my head, maybe I have OCD. I am tired, beyond tired, but I can not go to sleep unless the dishes are done, bottles are washed and the living room is picked up. I do not think I am normal! Is there a way to train yourself to not care about that stuff, or is it one of those things you either do or you don’t.

Christmas is coming up and all I really want to put on my list is sleep, lots and lots of sleep. Then of course I will miss out on time with Branden and the kids before he deploys. So sleep will probably not happen. I do not want to miss a second that we all could be together. So until Jack is healthy and learning to sleep through the night…. I guess bags under my eyes and Amp energy drinks it is! If I talk to you, or you read some post and I am really not making any sense.. now you will know why!

and ps – MY CAR GOT HERE TODAY!! I am one happy momma! Just to add to my weirdness, I really considered kissing my car right on the hood when I saw it! I never thought I would miss the momma mobile so bad! Now if my furniture would hurry and get here we would be set!

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