trick or treat


I love Halloween! I think besides Christmas, this is the most fun. When else do you get to dress up and be some one or something else for a little while and get candy while doing it? The parties are always so much fun and the decorations are the best! Yesterday I took the time to back some cup cakes with my girl and decorate them for Halloween here is the end results:

 and my girl eating hers after we decorated!

 Today was the day for Trick or treating! Kinsy got into the hang of this real quick when she realized she got candy if she said trick or treat. I think she was trying to eat it all before we even made it home! This is the first yr she really got into it and had fun. She was dressed as a fairy (even though she said she was a butterfly!). I even hand-made her flower headband this morning (I am pretty proud of myself, I think it looks pretty good!). It was so exciting to watch her! And we happen to be started on our trick or treat as our upstairs neighbors were starting too. They have a 5 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl that Kinsy loves to play with. It was so fun walking around with them and seeing the kids in their costumes! And Kinsy and her little friend were walking around holding hands! Yes I did get pics, but not gonna post other kids on here with out their parents knowing. How did Jack handle his first Halloween you want to know? Well…. he slept right through the whole thing! He was dressed as Shrek and we bundled him up since it was cold out and we were walking. He must have been cozy and comfy since he slept through it all!

Now the sugar high is gone and both kids are in bed. Pictures are posted for the family in the states to see when they get on today and I am going to enjoy some time with my husband that came home last night. I am so happy he got to be here today with us and get to share this with his kids! Much love to all and Happy Halloween!

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