I am supposed to do for the assignment short-term goals for this month and why…. but I am feeling that is a little silly since this month is almost over. I mean what would I write?? umm….. eat Turkey, try not to gain the Thanksgiving weight. Because that is what you do on Thanksgiving is eat and who wants to gain weight?? Or a goal of getting all of my stuff next week and getting it unpacked before the end of the month! Because I don’t like boxes and stuff lying around for too long! So I actually think that I will either skip this assignment and move on until the next month starts or…. I just may put the assignments on hold for a week. I am planning on being super busy for at least the next week. I have to get this house ready to have all my stuff delivered {imagine me doing my happy dance now!}

So for now…. I am just enjoying my family the last few days. Jack is soooo close to rolling over again! He only did once but man he wants to do it again! And he does this think where he gets on his back and arches his neck and then he scoots all over, because of it he has a nice bald spot on the back! I keep telling him it would be easier to roll over and crawl, but what do I know, I am just the mom! Kinsy finally got her mattress and box spring for her new bed, we had to drive an hour and half one way to find a place that had a twin mattress and box spring! It is the little things like not being able to find a mattress that make me miss the states. It is all good now though. My girl is sleeping in her pretty princess bed and loving every second of it. I have a bet with Branden though that she will fall out of it tonight. She has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 3 weeks and I have caught her numerous times sleeping half on and half off… so I think at some point tonight we will be woke up to her crying on the floor. Tomorrow I am off to look for a mesh rail for her bed!

I know… boring, boring, boring stuff on this post. I just originally got on here to say that I may be on a holiday break until December 1. I say may because you never know what could happen between now and then…. but I just want to take this holiday and make great memories with my family!

So if I don’t get back on until December……..  Happy Thanksgiving!!! Eat, laugh and enjoy one another! And be safe! XOXOXOXO


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30 days … #7

Today’s assignment – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

My mom and dad… no explanation needed.

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30 days….. #6

This assignment is favorite super hero and why. Again a blog I really had to think about. I do not know many super heroes, I mean who doesn’t know Superman, Superwoman, Batman and Robin, Spiderman, and of course all the evil villains, but beyond those main ones I really do not pay attention. I kept thinking to myself how could I call any of them my favorite and give an explanation as to why? Then this morning it finally dawned on me ( I know I can be a little slow) why does MY superhero have to be out of a comic book? What if MY superhero actually is a person? So who is my favorite superhero? It is my mom of course! And here are my reasons why:

My mom had four kids all 22 months apart and was still sane! That right there should be enough to qualify her for the title of superhero! She was a stay at home mom until we were ALL in school! again… no break from all of us and still sane! 🙂 As we were growing up I think she really did have eyes in the back of her head and some kind of super sense if you were telling the truth or not! And if she thought there was more to a story then you were telling, she was ALWAYS able to get the rest of you, one way or another. Most of the time she just pretended she already knew the truth and got you to tell her the truth, yes she was that good! She managed (with the help of my dad, even though he will say it was mostly her) to raise 4 smart, loving, independent and confident people. Four of us that have learned that family is always number one, no matter what. We were always taught to watch out for one another and take care of another. We were all taught about making mistakes, admitting to them and taking the consequences and learning from that mistake and moving on. If you committed the crime, do the time! We were taught forgiveness, but not to be walked all over in the process. To have a backbone and stand up for what we believe in. We were taught that when you stand up for what you believe in, it is not necessary to knock down those that don’t believe the same as you. To be who we are, not to change for anyone. Not to make excuses. We were all taught if you wanted something bad enough, you had to work for it. Nothing in life was given out for free. But we were also taught how to play, how to joke around. All of our family vacations that we had, that must have been hard and very expensive with four kids. But they took us! We went to Disneyland, we went boating, we went camping, they taught us how to fish and hunt. When we were out in nature to respect it and do not leave it dirty. We even had to pick up the trash that was left there before we got there. We hated that, but it was a good lesson. I still to this day will pick up trash in the woods as I am walking, if we go camping, there is nothing there but nature when we leave. responsibility.. another lesson. My mom always seemed to have the right advice when asked. Or she talked to you enough for YOU to figure it out on your own.  There is so much more I could say… but looking back, my mom was the most patient person (at least with her children, some of the others had to suffer! lol – kidding mom.. don’t come haunt me!) and I realize that our whole lives she worked very hard to instill the morals that make us the great people we are today.  We are the great parents we are today because of the parenting we received! Live by example, my parents did that. In this day and age, not only is parents staying together something kind of rare, but parents that actually taught us, took care of us, did what was needed to raise the family and raised four very productive members of society, well that is rare. We somehow managed for no teen pregnancies, nobody ever went to jail, no drug addicts, we all have careers and families. The grandchildren are all well behaved. That right there should be proof of her success and her superhero powers! 😉

And as a PS on today post – only because I  can not resist sharing it – Jack rolled over for the first time this morning!!! (from back to belly) As  I clapped and cheered for my boy on his big accomplishment, his big sister came over, got down on the floor with him and hugged him. And while she was hugging him she told him “good job Buddy, I so proud of you!”. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it! She is such a great big sister and Jack adores her. I love to see this relationship developing. I hope they always stay this close! And Buddy is a nickname she has chosen all on her own, I usually call him Jack or Boogy, but every morning she hugs him and says “hi Buddy”. It makes my heart melt! Before he rolled over this morning he managed to scoot himself on his back over to where she was laying on the floor, he just want to be by his sissy! God I love these kids!

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30 days…. #5

Today’s assignment is simply a picture of somewhere I have been…. to make it a little more interesting….. we will pick out the month of September and put the pics of where I was that month!

Earp, Ca looking over to the Parker, AZ side.

Dewey, AZ after a rain storm

the view from my living room window in Baumholder, Germany.

Idar-Oberstein,  Germany

Frauenburg Ruins, Germany.

These are all the different places we were in during the month of September! I wish I would have taken a picture when I was in San Diego, CA that month so I could have also included that one! We have been a few more adventures since then and we have many, many more that I will be sharing pics as we go!

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30 days …. #4

So I did not get on here and write yesterday. Not because I did not look at the assignment and not because I did not think about it off and on all day. There was actually two reasons I did not do it, first – my hubby was actually home at a decent hour and the kids went to bed on time so I spent some quality time with the hubby! That does not come along very often! Second – I am not sure what I want to write about this assignment. I am supposed to write about a habit I wish I did not have. hmmmm……. I quit smoking a year ago, so check! I really am not a big drinker, although there are those tough mommy days that a beer sounds like just the solution at the end of the day! 🙂 I am not a big gossiper, really do not talk to much of anyone to gossip lol! I really am not a procrastinator or lazy. I would rather just get something done and over with than keep putting it off. And I really have a hard time sitting still. My house is not ever really “messy”. We may have some toys out during the day, or a few dishes here or there. But every night before I go to bed the house is picked up, everything is put into its ‘place’, dishes are done and bottles are washed and made for the night. Maybe Facebook and reading blogs are my bad habit, but not sure that I would wish those away. Those are my only contact with everyone I know in the states! 🙂 So the only thing that I can come up with, and I am not really sure it fits, is the way that sometimes I wish life away. I have no patience. I never have. It is something I do feel like I am working on. But I catch myself wishing life away sometimes! For instance right now… I am still waiting on my household goods. They are scheduled to be here November 30. I keep thinking I can’t wait for all my stuff to get here! I can’t wait for November 30. And than I stop and remind myself… the quicker November 30th gets here, the quicker it will be December, then January, then the dreaded month of February where Branden leaves us for a whole year.  I do not want the time as a family to go buy any quicker than completely necessary! I also find myself wishing that Jack could roll over, or sit up on his own, start eating solids. That him and Kinsy could interact with each other more… but the trade-off for that would be that my little baby is gone. My LAST baby. Why would I wish that time away for him? I should be cherishing more of this time before he gets too big to want his momma.  I should be cherishing my babies period, not just simply waiting for bed time on those horrible bad days. So I guess that is my habit that I need to get rid of. I need to slow down. I need to sit on the floor more and make silly noises or have a tea party. When Kinsy wants to dance with me, I need to drop what I am doing and just dance! Does it really matter in the big scheme of life if my dishes were done before bed or if the living room was spotless when I laid down?? The answer is no…. on my dying day…. I do not believe my last thought will be about how clean something is. Instead I will be thinking about my family and the things I wish I could say or do with them. So I need to learn to let go a little bit, laugh a little more and occasionally…. walk around the mess!

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30 days…. #3

So todays assignment is simply to post a picture of you with friends…

so the first one is my very best friend, this was only about a month after we got married!

Holly and I after a little too much sun! We were headed out to the casino!

Yashira and myself on one of our adventures here in Germany!

so the top on is me and my sister in law Kristina

the next one is Tiffany, my sister Andi and my sister in law Nicolle (technically I am not in this one but it was at my baby shower!)

Larissa and I at that above mentioned baby shower! 🙂

The funny thing is I can’t find a picture of me and my other sister in laws… or a lot of my other friends for that matter. This lap top is fairly new… and I just think they are not on here, and of course my desk top is still with some moving company, last I heard it had arrived in the port in Belgium yesterday! Woo hoo my stuff is on dry land and headed to me as we speak!

There are so many stories I could pick about all of the above people to say how wonderful they are and how much they mean to me.. and I hope that they all know. so I will just leave it with….

To all of my friends….. I love you….. thank you for what you bring to my life…. I hope that I give you all the happiness and love and support that you give to me….. without my friends this last year and a half…. well I do not think I would have made it. XOXOXOXOXO

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30 days …. #2

Today’s assignment is explain your Facebook status…lol!

Right now my Facebook status says “Zumba got cancelled today :(” After two weeks I was finally able to make it back to a zumba class, only to get me and the kids there and find out it was cancelled because the instructor is locked out of her car! Nothing too exciting about that status. But the one before that was instructions to go to Google maps, click on directions, type in from Japan to China and read instructions 43 (I think it was 43). When you get to the Pacific Ocean it tells you to jet ski across the ocean. I just thought that was funny so I reposted that.

So two kid funnies today to add to the post! This morning Jack learned how to keep making sounds while I patted his mouth, he thinks that is hilarious! And a Kinsy random thought .. we are driving in the car and all the sudden she says “Momma”, me “yes Kinsy”, Kinsy “I love my papa”, me “ok, well we will have to make sure to call him tonight so you can tell him.”, Kinsy “ok Momma” and she goes back to singing to herself! I love these kids!

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30 days…day #1

So I recently saw on another blog a 30 day blog project. For every day for the next 30 days it gives you an assignment to complete on your blog. I thought this might be a good idea to help with my writing and to start to get some ideas. So here goes assignment #1 – post a recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting things about you.

(not the best pic, we had been walking all around Trier, Germany in the rain all day!)

1.) I realized I have no pictures of just me. Actually I do, but the last pictures of just me are all belly pics from pregnancies! Otherwise I am always with hubby, kids or friends!

2.) My other job (not my mommy job) is a Medical Assistant starting all the way back in 1997. I have worked almost all specialties at one point or another, but I have primarily worked pediatrics or family practice.

3.) Someday I want to go back to school to get my RN with my BSN, my first pick as a RN would be in the NICU, second would be the pediatric floor or labor and delivery.

4.) I really am kind of insecure, but I am good at putting on a strong front to get through things.

5.) I am a very loyal friend. But I am not the best at keeping in touch.

6.) I still remember the preamble to the constitution from 6th grade Mrs. LaRue’s class.

7.) I love ghost stories and ghost hunting shows, but the thought of an actual ghost in my house is kind of freaking me out!

8.) I really have no hobbies I am consistent with, but I really do want to get into scrap booking and learn more about photography.

9.) My husband is a whole foot taller than me, he is also 6 yrs younger than me, I know, I am a cradle robber. 🙂

10.) I come from a long line of military men My great grandfathers, grandfathers, uncles, brother and husband all have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. My mom was very active in Military Moms Online as a moderator and Soldiers’ Angels before her passing.

11.) I lost my mom to heart disease a year and half ago. I miss her more than I would ever be able to express. Please keep blood pressures in check and have your cholesterol checked regularly!!!!

12.) I have 4 nieces and 5 nephews

13.) I have 20 first cousins!! (13 on my dad’s side, 7 on my mom’s side) My paternal grandma’s 33rd great-grandchild is on the way!

14.) I am the oldest of 4 kids. I have one sister and two brothers.

15.) I really do enjoy hunting, fishing, four wheeling, camping, shooting darts and I like the taste of beer. Maybe that is why I have always had more guy friends! 🙂

And I have realized that thinking of 15 interesting things about myself is not as easy as I thought it was going to be!

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things I miss…..

Things I did before I became a mom that I miss:

…hanging out with my husband…

…hanging out with our friends without having to stop a conversation to chase a child..

…spur of the moment trips…

…riding on the motorcycle…

…four wheeling…


things I miss from before the Army became part of our life:

…hanging out with my husband…..

…being able to make plans AND keep them….

…my family and friends….

…walmart and target, yes I said that, I know I always bitched about going to Walmart, but now that it is not an option I miss it!..

…a routine, any routine….

….all of my stuff (soon, hopefully soon I will have it all again)…..

….convenience of everything that we take for granted in the states, we don’t have everything at a snap of a finger or drive across town here……

All of these things I do miss..and there are days that I do the “I wonder what things would be like if….” . But to be completely honest, I have never felt more complete than when I became a mom. I always felt like I could be called a lady, but never a woman until I carried a child in me. (I know that is weird, and I know people will disagree with me, even I disagree with me, but that is how I felt). And when the kids get older, we can four-wheel as a family, I can not wait to introduce that to them. It is good family fun. And the thing about stopping adult conversations to chase kids, well it isn’t always me chasing my kids, so I guess it would happen anyways! And one day, Branden and I will get to go out on the motorcycle again. But by then will I be too scared to ride it for fear that something happens to Branden and I and our kids are left without us. A few more years and trips won’t take so many bags to pack and I won’t be the one doing all the packing alone. And we will be able to forget about the stroller, diaper bag, bottles, changes of clothes, snacks, extra wipes, etc…. it does get easier I know.

As for the life before Army…. well there is a trade-off that is for sure…. what I don’t miss… paying rent,paying utilities, worrying about health insurance to cover us all, making sure we didn’t lose jobs, having to have daycare because we both had to work to make ends meet. Wondering what we will do for money for a retirement as we get to that age since neither one of us had a retirement fund.  And wanting to go back to school but being unable to do it. Now, there is all the stuff I miss, but I also get to be home with my babies every single day. I get to watch Jack take in his environment and start doing all his milestones. I get to do crafts with my girl, bake with her, have every meal with her.  And at 33 yrs old I have decided it is time I learn to cook, not just the basic quick things, but real things that take recipes and multiple ingredients! And who better to try it out on than an almost 3 yr old that HAS to eat my creations! 🙂 In 3 yrs we will have “convenience” again, but in the ways of being an Army wife, I am catching on pretty quick to adept and overcome! By the end of these 3 yrs, who knows, maybe I won’t want or need a walmart or Target!!! (I think probably I will get back to the states and spend HOURS in there because I can, but who knows!)

All in all…. there is give and take in this life. I gave up some pretty fun stuff for some pretty great things in return. Doesn’t mean I can’t miss the old times for a few minutes here and there, but then inevitably Kinsy or Jack will bring me back to my reality and remind me why I love my life now!

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That seems to be the word that best describes my life now a days!  I wanted to write that it was organized chaos… but wouldn’t those two words pretty much just cancel each other out? I am such a type A personality.. there is order and organization, a routine. Without all of that I start to feel overwhelmed and just can’t see to the end of each day. But I can not have organization when I STILL do not have all of my stuff. Everything can not have its ‘home’ until everything is here! Majority of the stuff in my house right now is borrowed army issued furniture and dishes. A routine is pretty non existent also.  Every time we start to get one… we get another curveball. Branden here, Branden gone… that changes the dynamics in the house. We go from me being the only adult, the only word of authority and now there are two of us. I like calm and quiet, the tv is just loud enough to hear if you are going to sit and watch it, otherwise it is off. Mornings the lights stay off until the sun is up and there is relaxing and quiet with breakfast. A chance for us to all slowly wake up (I am definitely not a morning person!). When Branden is home there is the really loud annoying alarm clock, banging around to dress and then doors opening and closing, our day begins so much earlier and louder. Then as he comes home to shower it is the radio blaring in the bathroom and bedroom and again more banging around when he is dressing. Then the nights of quiet tv and kids playing quietly is replaced with a loud tv and Branden getting the kids all jacked up wrestling with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love when he is home. I love seeing the kids interact with their daddy and  getting the chance to rough house since mommy does not do that. There is just always that adjustment period to start a new routine again. But this is the way of the Army.. just as we get used to Daddy being home, used to all the noise and excitement, he will be gone again, and the adjustments will start all over. The silver lining… at least I know that my children will be able to adapt and overcome! Now speaking of little alarm clocks, the one we named Jackson Ryder is going off letting me know it is time for a bottle!

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