That seems to be the word that best describes my life now a days!  I wanted to write that it was organized chaos… but wouldn’t those two words pretty much just cancel each other out? I am such a type A personality.. there is order and organization, a routine. Without all of that I start to feel overwhelmed and just can’t see to the end of each day. But I can not have organization when I STILL do not have all of my stuff. Everything can not have its ‘home’ until everything is here! Majority of the stuff in my house right now is borrowed army issued furniture and dishes. A routine is pretty non existent also.  Every time we start to get one… we get another curveball. Branden here, Branden gone… that changes the dynamics in the house. We go from me being the only adult, the only word of authority and now there are two of us. I like calm and quiet, the tv is just loud enough to hear if you are going to sit and watch it, otherwise it is off. Mornings the lights stay off until the sun is up and there is relaxing and quiet with breakfast. A chance for us to all slowly wake up (I am definitely not a morning person!). When Branden is home there is the really loud annoying alarm clock, banging around to dress and then doors opening and closing, our day begins so much earlier and louder. Then as he comes home to shower it is the radio blaring in the bathroom and bedroom and again more banging around when he is dressing. Then the nights of quiet tv and kids playing quietly is replaced with a loud tv and Branden getting the kids all jacked up wrestling with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love when he is home. I love seeing the kids interact with their daddy and  getting the chance to rough house since mommy does not do that. There is just always that adjustment period to start a new routine again. But this is the way of the Army.. just as we get used to Daddy being home, used to all the noise and excitement, he will be gone again, and the adjustments will start all over. The silver lining… at least I know that my children will be able to adapt and overcome! Now speaking of little alarm clocks, the one we named Jackson Ryder is going off letting me know it is time for a bottle!

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