things I miss…..

Things I did before I became a mom that I miss:

…hanging out with my husband…

…hanging out with our friends without having to stop a conversation to chase a child..

…spur of the moment trips…

…riding on the motorcycle…

…four wheeling…


things I miss from before the Army became part of our life:

…hanging out with my husband…..

…being able to make plans AND keep them….

…my family and friends….

…walmart and target, yes I said that, I know I always bitched about going to Walmart, but now that it is not an option I miss it!..

…a routine, any routine….

….all of my stuff (soon, hopefully soon I will have it all again)…..

….convenience of everything that we take for granted in the states, we don’t have everything at a snap of a finger or drive across town here……

All of these things I do miss..and there are days that I do the “I wonder what things would be like if….” . But to be completely honest, I have never felt more complete than when I became a mom. I always felt like I could be called a lady, but never a woman until I carried a child in me. (I know that is weird, and I know people will disagree with me, even I disagree with me, but that is how I felt). And when the kids get older, we can four-wheel as a family, I can not wait to introduce that to them. It is good family fun. And the thing about stopping adult conversations to chase kids, well it isn’t always me chasing my kids, so I guess it would happen anyways! And one day, Branden and I will get to go out on the motorcycle again. But by then will I be too scared to ride it for fear that something happens to Branden and I and our kids are left without us. A few more years and trips won’t take so many bags to pack and I won’t be the one doing all the packing alone. And we will be able to forget about the stroller, diaper bag, bottles, changes of clothes, snacks, extra wipes, etc…. it does get easier I know.

As for the life before Army…. well there is a trade-off that is for sure…. what I don’t miss… paying rent,paying utilities, worrying about health insurance to cover us all, making sure we didn’t lose jobs, having to have daycare because we both had to work to make ends meet. Wondering what we will do for money for a retirement as we get to that age since neither one of us had a retirement fund.  And wanting to go back to school but being unable to do it. Now, there is all the stuff I miss, but I also get to be home with my babies every single day. I get to watch Jack take in his environment and start doing all his milestones. I get to do crafts with my girl, bake with her, have every meal with her.  And at 33 yrs old I have decided it is time I learn to cook, not just the basic quick things, but real things that take recipes and multiple ingredients! And who better to try it out on than an almost 3 yr old that HAS to eat my creations! 🙂 In 3 yrs we will have “convenience” again, but in the ways of being an Army wife, I am catching on pretty quick to adept and overcome! By the end of these 3 yrs, who knows, maybe I won’t want or need a walmart or Target!!! (I think probably I will get back to the states and spend HOURS in there because I can, but who knows!)

All in all…. there is give and take in this life. I gave up some pretty fun stuff for some pretty great things in return. Doesn’t mean I can’t miss the old times for a few minutes here and there, but then inevitably Kinsy or Jack will bring me back to my reality and remind me why I love my life now!

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  1. Here’s what i miss:
    1. Deciding how much sleep i’ll get each night by going to bed a certain time before i know i have to (or don’t have to) get up the next morning
    2. Sleeping all the way through the night, no interruptions
    3. Waking up and instead of getting immediately out of bed, rolling over and picking up my book to read for half an hour or so
    4. Being able to do certain things with my husband whenever i want to 🙂
    5. Leaving the house for the day and simply meandering…walking down Main Street, having a coffee, window shopping, forgetting to have lunch, having an ice cream cone instead, coming home and sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and a good book. Completely losing the day, you know?

    What i keep reminding myself is that none of these things are gone FOREVER. My children will eventually sleep all night; G already does, V is getting there. There will be a point where THEY won’t want to get out of bed either, so we can just lounge together. And when they’re in school? i will be able to take a day now and then to browse and read and forget the time…until i have to pick them up 🙂
    It’s so easy as a mama of young ones to feel like this is your life FOREVER. i have to keep reminding myself that nothing is forever, and i will eventually…someday…be able to sleep again!!!

  2. I miss being able to do things on the spur of the moment. To just say “Hey, let’s go for coffee!” without first having to find a babysitter or pump milk or get kids into carseats.

    But I don’t miss it that much. I MUCH prefer my life now.

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