30 days….. #6

This assignment is favorite super hero and why. Again a blog I really had to think about. I do not know many super heroes, I mean who doesn’t know Superman, Superwoman, Batman and Robin, Spiderman, and of course all the evil villains, but beyond those main ones I really do not pay attention. I kept thinking to myself how could I call any of them my favorite and give an explanation as to why? Then this morning it finally dawned on me ( I know I can be a little slow) why does MY superhero have to be out of a comic book? What if MY superhero actually is a person? So who is my favorite superhero? It is my mom of course! And here are my reasons why:

My mom had four kids all 22 months apart and was still sane! That right there should be enough to qualify her for the title of superhero! She was a stay at home mom until we were ALL in school! again… no break from all of us and still sane! ūüôā As we were growing up I think she really did have eyes in the back of her head and some kind of super sense if you were telling the truth or not! And if she thought there was more to a story then you were telling, she was ALWAYS able to get the rest of you, one way or another. Most of the time she just pretended she already knew¬†the truth and got you to tell her the truth, yes she was that good! She managed (with the help of my dad, even though he will say it was mostly her) to raise 4 smart, loving, independent¬†and confident people.¬†Four of us that have learned that family is always number one, no matter what. We were always taught¬†to watch out for one another and take care of another. We were all taught about making mistakes, admitting to them and taking the consequences and learning from that mistake and moving on. If you committed the crime, do the time!¬†We were taught forgiveness, but not to be walked all over in the process. To have a backbone and stand up for what we believe in. We were taught that when you stand up for what you believe in, it is not necessary¬†to knock down those that don’t believe the same as you. To be who we are, not to change for anyone. Not to make excuses. We were all taught if you wanted something bad enough, you had to work for it. Nothing in life was given out for free. But we were also taught how to play, how to joke around. All of our family vacations that we had, that must have been hard and very expensive with four kids. But they took us! We went to Disneyland, we went boating, we went camping, they taught us how to fish and hunt. When we were out in nature to respect it and do not leave it dirty. We even had to pick up the trash that was left there before we got there. We hated that, but it was a good lesson. I still to this day will pick up trash in the woods as I am walking, if we go camping, there is nothing there but nature when we leave. responsibility.. another lesson. My mom always seemed to have the right advice when asked. Or she talked to you enough for¬†YOU to figure it out on your own. ¬†There is so much more I could say… but looking back, my mom was the most patient person (at least¬†with her children, some of the others had to suffer! lol – kidding mom.. don’t come haunt me!) and I realize that our whole lives she worked very hard to instill the morals that make us the great people we are today.¬† We are the great parents we are today because of the parenting we received! Live by example, my parents did that. In this day and age, not only is parents staying together something kind¬†of rare, but parents that actually taught us, took care of us, did what was needed to raise the family and raised four very productive members of society, well that is rare. We somehow¬†managed for no teen pregnancies, nobody ever went to jail, no drug addicts, we all have careers and families. The grandchildren are all well¬†behaved. That right there should be proof of her success and her superhero powers! ūüėČ

And as a PS on today post – only because I¬† can not resist sharing it – Jack rolled over for the first time this morning!!! (from back to belly) As¬† I clapped and cheered for my boy on his big accomplishment, his big sister came over, got down on the floor with him and hugged him. And while she was hugging him she told him “good job Buddy, I so proud of you!”. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it! She is such a great big sister and Jack adores her. I love to see this relationship developing. I hope they always stay this close! And Buddy is a nickname she has chosen all on her own, I usually call him Jack or Boogy, but every morning she hugs him and says “hi Buddy”. It makes my heart melt! Before he rolled over this morning he managed to scoot himself on his back over to where she was laying on the floor, he just want to be by his sissy! God I love these kids!

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