I am supposed to do for the assignment short-term goals for this month and why…. but I am feeling that is a little silly since this month is almost over. I mean what would I write?? umm….. eat Turkey, try not to gain the Thanksgiving weight. Because that is what you do on Thanksgiving is eat and who wants to gain weight?? Or a goal of getting all of my stuff next week and getting it unpacked before the end of the month! Because I don’t like boxes and stuff lying around for too long! So I actually think that I will either skip this assignment and move on until the next month starts or…. I just may put the assignments on hold for a week. I am planning on being super busy for at least the next week. I have to get this house ready to have all my stuff delivered {imagine me doing my happy dance now!}

So for now…. I am just enjoying my family the last few days. Jack is soooo close to rolling over again! He only did once but man he wants to do it again! And he does this think where he gets on his back and arches his neck and then he scoots all over, because of it he has a nice bald spot on the back! I keep telling him it would be easier to roll over and crawl, but what do I know, I am just the mom! Kinsy finally got her mattress and box spring for her new bed, we had to drive an hour and half one way to find a place that had a twin mattress and box spring! It is the little things like not being able to find a mattress that make me miss the states. It is all good now though. My girl is sleeping in her pretty princess bed and loving every second of it. I have a bet with Branden though that she will fall out of it tonight. She has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 3 weeks and I have caught her numerous times sleeping half on and half off… so I think at some point tonight we will be woke up to her crying on the floor. Tomorrow I am off to look for a mesh rail for her bed!

I know… boring, boring, boring stuff on this post. I just originally got on here to say that I may be on a holiday break until December 1. I say may because you never know what could happen between now and then…. but I just want to take this holiday and make great memories with my family!

So if I don’t get back on until December……..  Happy Thanksgiving!!! Eat, laugh and enjoy one another! And be safe! XOXOXOXO


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  1. i’ll be taking a break soon, too, for the holiday. Enjoy the time with your sweet family, Caryn. Happy Thanksgiving to all four of you! 🙂

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