busy, busy, busy!

Wow, November 19th was my last post!!  Almost two weeks has gone by and boy has it been a doozy. Since my last post – Kinsy started toddler preschool two days a week, on her very first day within the first hour she managed to get two of her fingers slammed into a bathroom door and cut open on the underside and bruised on the top. But my girl is a trooper and she stuck out the first day! Branden has had CQ (which is a 24 hour duty) not once, but twice and will have it yet again this weekend when I wanted to go christmas shopping, poop on the Army! We woke up to snow on Thanksgiving morning and it has not gone away yet, we just keep getting more!  I got to experience what a German Hospital ER is like. Which is a completely odd experience and could take up a whole blog on its own. Let’s just say I am fine and I found out that getting blood taken from your ear has to be the weirdest experience yet at a hospital! We met new friends at a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. MY HOUSEHOLD GOODS GOT DELIVERED!!!!! and boxes are still ruling my house. It is getting put away slowly and surely, but we went from a 3 bedroom house with a two car garage, to a 2 bedroom apartment in Germany (read no closets) with a “cage space” in the basement! Also add one more person to the household! I am doing my best to find “homes” for all of my things, but I will admit there has been some cramming in top shelves of our crazy closets! lol The hard part is all the boxes in my living room, mostly are decorative stuff and I feel I can’t put that up until all the necessary stuff is away. So as of right now I am walking around a lot of boxes! But I got off track…. back to our craziness. Then came a weekend of unpacking boxes and keeping a watchful eye on Kinsy and Jack as they were coming down with what I thought was colds. Monday comes along and WHAM… now we have a sick Mommy, a hacking cough on Kinsy and a baby Jack who woke up at noon and would not quit crying unless he fell asleep and as soon as he woke he was back at it! Luckily Branden asked to come home and the Army was nice and granted him permission. He took Jack to the doctor and found out my poor boy had a double ear infection :(. We nursed him along all that night and all Tuesday.. he had a well check today that I did not want him to miss since he is already behind on his shots. There is just something about being in a foreign country and him not being completely immunized that makes me very, very nervous. Also when Kinsy went to her school on Tuesday they informed me she had to have her flu shot by today or they could refuse her care! So off to the doctor again today, Jack a well check which he did fantastic! Weighing in at 15# 1oz. and getting 2 shots today. And my big brave girl did so good when I told her she was getting shots. Agreeing that she will be brave and big. Agreeing she will go first to show brother how to be brave. All until the point she saw them put the needles on the injections. Then her hands clamped down on her thighs and the crying began. All day I have heard about her owies, watched her walk funny.  Every time she goes to the potty she has to sit and stare at her band aids. She has had 2 doses of motrin for low-grade fevers and “owies”. Even as she is sleeping she is talking and crying out tonight, I think my girl might also be an excellent actress or drama queen! 😉 Poor Jack, he did great with the shots, barely cried and then went to sleep in the car seat. But then tonight it hit him, we have fevers and crankiness. Plus throw in the ears and oh yeah… let’s have the baby teeth at the same time! Poor guy must feel like he is in a torture chamber. Needless to say… NO unpacking got done today! I spent the day cuddled on the couch with my babies, watching whatever movies Kinsy wanted. Even if we did have to watch the Mickey Mouse Christmas twice in a row. Today was a day to love on them and give them the attention and affection that they needed and deserve.

Now my house is quiet. Both of my babies are asleep. Branden has gone to bed so he can be up early for PT. I actually was off to bed, all the lights are off and bottles are made, then I decided to blog. When I left off on the 19th it was lesson #8… short-term goals for this month. Well today is Dec. 1…. so here are my short-term goals for the month! 1.) Get EVERYTHING unpacked and put away. 2.) Spend as much time together as a family and also try to find some time with just Branden and I. 3.)lots of pictures of the kids with their daddy this Christmas. It will be Jack’s first and Daddy will be gone next yr for Christmas. 4.) Hopefully within the next week have ALL of my Christmas shopping done. 5.) remember to call My Dad, brother, father in law and sister-in-law on their birthdays this month. 6.) Get all my Christmas stuff put up hopefully in a week and have it all down by the 26th so we can celebrate Kinsy’s birthday on the 27th. 7.) Make this birthday for Kinsy a memorable one. She has her Daddy, brother and myself. We haven’t made many friends here, but I am hoping the few we have made will be able to come over for cake and ice cream and maybe a few party games! We have talked about maybe even taking her and a couple of her little friends bowling for her birthday. I really want to get her a fish tank for her present. But it just is not as easy as in the states, I am still trying to find where I can buy fish!…..  I think that about covers the goals for the month! I am gonna be one busy momma! So if I am not on here as much, you know why, and if I can’t get back on before Christmas (I hope I will be able to!) — HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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