So assignment #9 is something I am proud of the last few days….. I am proud that I got the majority of my Christmas shopping done and that I have almost all of my boxes unpacked! I am proud that I was able to do a successful time out with Kinsy today since we now have a timer! I am proud of the bond that is developing between my two kids. I love to watch them interact together and I love the way that now that Jack can reach out, he grabs his sister and tries to play with her! I am proud that Branden and I got to spend a whole day with just us, no kids! I am proud that even though my house was a disaster, I invited people over and had margaritas and played wii and had a great time! That is all I can think of the last few days!

So on a completely different note… I just read a story about a baby Jack’s age that started running a fever one night and the next day it was higher and he was seizing and having strokes. He is now in a hospital, completely sedated, blind and deaf now and they are not sure what other complications. He is on breathing tubes and they are thinking that he may just pass away if taken off of machines. I can’t even imagine what that mother is going through. The pain in her heart and the emptiness and loneliness she must be feeling. As soon as I read it I started crying, I was rocking Jack and I was suddenly not wanting to go put him in his bed. I said a prayer for that mom and dad and the rest of the family as well as the baby. I don’t pray very often I will admit, but tonight, out loud.. I prayed for them. I prayed for the strength for them to make the right decisions for that baby and for God to be there for them. I wish I could just give that mom a hug. I can’t do anything else, but let her know that someone else is hurting for her. Just a reminder that life is precious… our babies are precious and in an instant…. things can change. Love ones can be gone. That is how it was with my mom and I think that every so often, God puts that reminder out there again. Cherish the moments with your families this holiday… some people are not getting that chance….

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