This assignment is supposed to be songs you listen to when you are mad/sad/hyper/bored. Honestly though… I really do not have anything specific I listen to for any certain mood. I have certain things that I like that few others do. When no one else is around I may have a Bob Marley day, maybe it will be Beach Boys. Or maybe it could even be Lynyrd Skynyrd or Cat Stevens.  And some days I like Tantric or Social Distortion or maybe Nickleback. But for the most part, I just like to listen to country… that is always my go to music.. no matter what my mood. That is one of the worst things about being here in Germany…. I just like to listen to the radio.. I like the variety. But there is not any country stations here. The best I can do is get on the computer and play a yahoo station.

Kind of off the subject…. but the music led me to this…. I am really enjoying Germany. I just wish that things were more convenient. I miss being able to get whatever I want whenever I want it. I miss being able to just run to a store and know that everything I want to get is there for me. I miss the security of being in the states. You do not think about this stuff much until it is not there anymore. I really am missing my family and I wish it was easier to see them.  Ha ha and I really could go for Sonic or Wendy’s! 🙂 Ok… enough crying the blues. I am only here three years… that is not that long!

Had to stop in the middle to put babies to sleep. So I am just going to end this now since I have gotten off track!

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