’tis the season to be ….. busy!

I have totally been slacking on this blog! And my 30 day project might take more like 60, possibly even 90 days! I do have good reasons though… the holidays and spending time with my family. The idea of this deployment is becoming so much more real. I am realizing that we have a very short time left together… and so much I want to do! Then add the holidays and all the wonderful celebrations on top! Well lets just say we have been BUSY! This week has been fabulous though!

We saw Santa! Kinsy was all about seeing Santa, I was having a hard time getting her to stand in line. Then came her turn to sit on his lap and she freaked out! She started screaming and trying to run away! She would not go up there unless I went with her. As you can tell Jack could not have cared less… he was just happy to be held by anyone as usual!

Kinsy sang karaoke at the Bravo Co. Christmas party! She just walked up and grabbed the microphone and started singing! Of course she did not know the words to the song so she just said “I sing” over and over to the beat of the music. It was the cutest thing ever and I am so upset I could not get my camera switched over to video to get it! 😦 The more people clapped at her the more excited so got about being up there!

Then the big night of the week – The Battalion Ball – a night of a babysitter and Branden and I getting to dress up and go out ALONE! I was very excited for this night for a few reasons… we have not had a night out together without kids since… well I don’t know when. Before Jack I think. Probably before I was even pregnant with Jack! I have never been to an Army ball before! And the biggest reason… I got to dress up with my husband. I got to get my hair done and wear a fancy dress and heels. We have never dressed up before! Even when we got married.. we eloped in Vegas and got married in jeans and boots! It was so much fun, even if we did have to leave early because the babysitter called saying that Jack had been crying for 45 minutes (he missed his momma). Here are a few pictures of the night…

 So you see I do have a good reason for the neglect! Fortunately for me the next assignment was to post more pics of friends… so I guess I have also done assignment #11. I can not promise that I will not stay away so long .. at least not until after the holidays! I will promise though that as great things keep happening I will keep writing about them!

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  1. That photo of Kinsy is so awesome!

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