Well here we are in 2011! This is the year I have been dreading for a few months now. I came up with a new motto today though… positive attitude leads to positive experience. So we will give this one a try!

This holiday season has been great. We have spent so much time together as a family and really created some great memories! Kinsy finally figured out what Christmas was about.. and she learned about Santa this year too, lol. This was the first year also that she was able to request what kind of birthday she wanted. I really am loving all this about her growing up. I love being able to have conversations with her, even if she can be a little trying some days! We went through a really rough spell with her for a few weeks. The yelling and tantrums and defiance. But she has really not had to be disciplined in probably a week. Which is such a relief for me, I hate always having to be the bad guy. This girl of mine is getting quite the sense of humor also! She always keeps me laughing! Today’s Kinsy funny – at lunch she wanted a peanut butter and jelly and she wanted to sit in my chair at the table. The sun was shining in the windows right on to my spot at the table. Well instead of moving to another chair, my girl goes in her room and gets her sunglasses to eat her lunch! What a crack up she is!

You can see the sun is only where she is sitting, but she did not want to move!

Today was also a big day for Jack! He woke up this morning with two little teeth poking out on the bottom!! We knew he was teething, but both decided to come through during the night. He has been a little fussy today, can’t really blame the boy! Tylenol and orajel have been our friends today. It is so dang cute though! When they poke through enough for a pic I will make sure to post one! Guess he will be like his sister and get them two at a time!

and this one is just because he is so dang cute!

Well here is to 2011, BRING IT ON! I am ready to take on this challenge!

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  1. That photo of Kinsy is hilarious! She looks like such a fun girl to spend your days with. And Jack is getting so BIG! i just want to squeeze him 🙂

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