the life of a momma….

I have decided that the life of the momma is hard work. Not that this is something new to me. I have known this for a while. Today was just one of those days that it kind of smacks you around a little and makes you remember. Not that today was a bad day, because on the scale of our days, well it was pretty good. It was just hard work. I got up early this morning to make sure Kinsy was up and eating breakfast and Jack was gonna be happy long enough for me to jump in the shower real quick. Luckily, Branden comes home around that time and this morning he came home right after I jumped in the shower. It was still a rush to get me ready and then get Kinsy dressed and out the door to go to her toddler program. Jack stays home with Daddy while I run Kinsy to school and Branden gets ready for work while we are gone. Talk to Kinsy’s teacher for a few minutes since Kinsy is now 3 yrs old, I did not know how that works, she is technically old enough for the preschool program now. I just have to wait for an opening, I was so happy when I found out they will not kick her out of the toddler program. Then rush back so Branden can go to work. This was one of those days I woke up with a plan. I was going to clean the living room and kitchen while Kinsy was in school and if I had time start a load of laundry (that takes more time because I have to run to the basement to put it in, so Jack has to be asleep). But Jack, well he had other plans for our morning! He got his first two teeth yesterday, and he is a little biting fool. Which is making him a little cranky because he keeps biting his own thumb. Also he is desperately wanting to crawl. I put him on the floor with all his toys in front of him, he pushes up with his arms, gets his little booty in the air…. and then he goes backwards. This is very, very frustrating for him. He gets very angry and starts crying and his poor little head starts to look like a tomato. Then he just wants to be held by mommy until he calms down and we start the process all over again. Or he gets so mad that he cries, lays his head down and goes to sleep right there. But those naps are only like 20 minutes long and then we start the process all over again. So by the time Branden got home for me to get Kinsy, well … some of the toys had gotten picked up and that was about it. Rush to get Kinsy and get her home for lunch. She is exhausted and nap times are no longer an option in her mind. She played, she watched movies in her room and had a few meltdowns today. All in all though, she was a good girl. Her normal funny self. I did find her in her room, she had went and got the step stool and got up in her closet. She was making the playdoh cakes on her bedroom floor, thank god we have linoleum! And when she made a mess at dinner and daddy told her to clean it up, she informed him “No, my mommy will do it!”. She did have to clean it up as I was hiding the smile behind my hand!

By bedtime tonight… I had picked up the living room 3 times. Cleaned the kitchen twice. I had consoled a very frustrated and cranky baby I don’t know how many times. I felt my hurt tug when he just couldn’t do what he was wanting to do and there is just nothing I can do to help him on this one. It is something he just has to figure out on his own.  I melted every time he decided to give me his cute little smile with the dimples and his new little teeth showing!  I was proud of Kinsy as well as amused by her today. I realized that she is not a baby anymore, she is a preschooler, not even a toddler and that broke my heart a little. And I took a trip through memory lane updating baby books. It seems like just yesterday I started this whole journey on being a momma. I would not trade even one day of it. McKinsy and Jackson are my miracles, the babies I thought I would never have. I have said it before and I will say it again….. I truly am blessed.

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