where do they get this stuff?

Me: “McKinsy, please sit up in your chair and eat your food, this is dinner!”

K: no response as she is curled up in a ball on the chair at Burger King

Me: “Kinsy if you do not sit up and eat dinner I am gonna take your toy and give it to another kid!”

(beyond frustrated at this point as we have been sitting in Landstuhl hospital for 4 hours, we have not ate lunch and I have been crammed in a waiting room and ER room with these two kids the whole time.)

K: (sits up and her bottom lip is sticking out) “but can’t you see I have my sad face on?”

Me: (trying not to laugh!) “did you just say that you have your sad face on?”

K: “yes, my sad face” (as she sticks her bottom lip out again)

Me: (while trying not to laugh) ” well I am about to have my mad face on if you do not eat dinner!”

Then I get the eyebrows cinched together while she is looking up at me through her eyelashes, this is her drop dead look! Conversations was over. And what I mean by that is she curled back up into a ball, I noticed other mom’s watching me lose control. So I packed up her dinner and put it in a bag and threw away the trash and we left. She never did eat her dinner and she never got her toy either! So there!

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  1. LOL. This sounds like a night at my house!

  2. Haha! So THERE! Love it.

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