my little girl is growing up…

Today was a big day for Kinsy. Earlier in the day we took her to the toy store and told her she could pick ANY toy she wanted, the catch… she had to go home and cut the nipples off of all of her binkies and throw them in the garbage. Needless to say we walked around the toy store for like an hour! There is just too much to make a decision when you are 3 years old. So she ended up getting a little push from Daddy towards the Rupunzel Barbie. She has gorgeous long long blonde hair that Kinsy is infatuated with! After the toy store we went to the little flea market here on base and found a Fisher Price plastic little picnic table, just the perfect size to fit in the kids room. So we got that for them also. The whole way home we talked about cutting the binky up and throwing it away and how now that she is a big girl she gets barbies and she is allowed to have a table in her room for her playdoh and puzzles and coloring. She was so excited to get home and get her room together! Once we got home we had to do the big girl thing first though. So off we all went to the kitchen. I gathered every binky I could find (still think I might be missing one though, hope she doesn’t find it!) and I even let her use the big kitchen scissors, with my help of course. I wanted her to cut the nipples off though and throw them in the garbage. That way when she asked for them later I could remind her that she cut them up and threw them away. Of course the brand new barbie sitting in the package was right next to us for incentive to keep going! She had no hesitation though getting rid of them and I thought wow this is way to easy! I was right….. come time for bed and she is now asking for a binky. I gently reminded her that they were in the garbage, cut up. She kept saying “No I want my binky!” I did tell her if she wanted one she could go get it out of the garbage and clean it. I knew that she wouldn’t as soon as she saw it had no nipple on it. She has been so good at going to bed lately. All that has been needed is kisses goodnight and tucking her in. Tonight was a little more drawn out. She cried and kept getting out of bed. She didn’t want to sleep with the new barbie she got. She wanted to read to herself, which is fine and we got her a book. But that led to getting out of bed and sitting at her new table, then crying when she got put back in. I finally broke down and gave in to the request of fruit snacks. But made her promise she would eat them and then go straight to bed ( I know I know, horrible for her teeth! Will not be our new routine, I swear!). She stuck to her promise, fruit snack and then roll over and go to sleep! I am so proud of my girl and at the same time a little heart ache going on. That was the last of her baby habits. She is officially a big girl now. *Sigh* I guess this day had to come eventually! There is a part of me that is upset that we let her have it this long, it just never seemed like the right time to take it from her though. The other part is kind of glad we waited, I am not so sure it would have been this easy if we would have taken it earlier. One thing for certain, I will not let it go on this long with Jack. I do not think we will have to worry with him though. He really is not that attached to the binky. It is the duck that the binky is attached to, it should be easy to cut the binky off and still let him have his duck. If the binky does go in his mouth it is more just to be chewed on right now or he is known to put his thumb in the back of the soothie so he can suck on his thumb and pacifier. Such a boy, have his cake and eat it too!

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  1. I love reading your posts, but this one I really felt like I needed to leave a comment for – it was so great!
    I was 4 years old when I had to give up my binky, so I can absolutely relate to your daughter… My mother tried everything; including barbies and every doll imaginable. She finally got so tired of my habit that one day she threw it out the window LOL. I cried for one night, and then forgot all about it.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that she will get over it before you even know it. Here’s to overcoming challenges, and looking forward to the “big girl” adventures that lie ahead! Go Kinsy!

    • Thank you! She did pretty good that first night and yesterday I think she was a little desperate as I kept catching her sucking on toy binkies! lol.. but it was an easy night and I think she is getting over it! Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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