too funny to not post!

Kinsy: Momma.. a bee!!!!

me: a bee? like a flying bee?

Kinsy: yes!! a bee!!

me: where is there a bee? (we are sitting in the living room)

Kinsy: in my room!

me: there is a bee in your room? well I am sure it is ok.

Kinsy: Momma, do you see the fire truck?

me: where do you see a fire truck?

Kinsy: in my room!

me: There is a fire truck in your room??

Kinsy: yes!!

me: so there is a bee and a fire truck in your room?

Kinsy: yes!!

me: Kinsy are you telling me stories?

Kinsy: yes momma! and she turns and walks away

me: with a wtf look on my face!!!!!

2nd one today – I am sitting on the couch and Kinsy comes to me crying…. I ask her what is wrong… she tells me through her tears that Daddy kicked her crack as she is pointing to her butt!

Branden comes in the room and I ask him why he kicked her crack, lol…. apparently she sat on his foot and he pulled his foot out quickly. And that, per Kinsy, is how you kick someones crack!

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  1. She is hilarious!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is too funny!!

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