drama, drama, drama….

You know what I don’t understand is drama. I just do not see how anyone has time for it? There is a new facebook page fo the wives here in Baumholder. I loved this page when it first started! There was soooo much information right at my fingertips! If I didn’t know something or if I didn’t understand something  I could simply ask and someone would help me. I read through all the other posts and there was soo much I learned about our new town and about living the army life. But all of a sudden it seems like it is all just drama! I know you can not have almost 400 women on one page without some drama. It just doesn’t happen. But every post???? It is getting a little ridiculous and makes it so I do not even want to check out that page anymore. Which is sad because it could have been a great tool for all of us here. I know we are getting closer and closer to deployment and I know the stress levels are starting to increase so I hope that is the reason. But ladies… why take it out on each other? Are we not all on the same team? If we don’t have anything else in common we all know what it is like to let our loved ones go somewhere unknown for an unknown amount of time. We know what it is like to be somewhere where we know no one and have to make a new “family”.  That alone should bring us together! Especially being in Germany! Plus the majority of us have at least one child, I know my kids keep me too busy to worry much about what my neighbor is doing! I guess it isn’t limited to just the army life. It is everywhere you go. Why do we women have to treat each other this way? I know I was taught growing up, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. For the most part I do try to stick with that. Also I was taught to treat others as I would want to be treated. Wouldn’t life be so good if we all just followed those two simple rules?? I guess for now.. the only way to stay drama free is avoid the drama areas. I hope that once all the guys are shipped out that we wives here in Baumholder can start to be a little nicer to one another. We are supposed to be here to support one another….

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  1. I left that group—-WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA for me!!!!!!!

    • I am starting to think that may be the way for me too. Which is sad because I have got some useful information off of there also! I just don’t want all the drama!

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