ghost stories….

I have been reading a lot of stories today of people who are having very strange things happening to them in their houses here in Baumholder. I for one believe them. I have had stuff happen here also that is unexplainable and Kinsy has seen things that I can not just push away to her imagination.  This military post has been around for many, many years. Hitler first opened this post. There are tunnels that run under the base from one side to the other and under the town of Baumholder. I have heard that during WWII POW’s were kept here. There are still swastika’s in the bricks on some of the buildings here. I believe that Poland’s and France’s militaries were also at this post at different times before the Americans moved in. I saw a picture of the building I currently live in, it was dated in the 1970’s I believe it said. The funny thing with that is it currently looks EXACTLY the same! The only differences was the model of cars out front and the size of the tree in the front! I believe that this post has sooo much history how could we not think that there were ghosts here? I am sure there have been some very historical as well as very tragic things that have happened here. I think it is time for me to start doing a little more research about my local area. So they question I will leave you with is… do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe, in a place with as much history as here, can have ghosts that still walk our halls and occupy our homes? These questions are enough to keep me up some nights!

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