ups and downs…

Today was one of those days! It started off busy and stayed that way through the majority of the day! Kinsy did not want to go to her toddler program today and had to be pried off of me, I was soon forgotten though when she got involved with the dollhouse and all the kids playing with it. Jack had his early development eval today and did fabulous! They said that he is right where he is supposed to be if not doing a little more! That was great news and I so relieved to hear it. Then dinner started and thrown in the crock pot, off to the commissary and the post office all before picking Kinsy up from daycare. That is when it started to go downhill….. she must have played hard today because she was CRANKY! Jack’s teeth really started to bother him and then I fell off a chair. Not only off a chair, but off a step stool on top of a chair. My dumb ass decided that would be a brilliant way to hang curtains and the chair, which has wheels, rolled out from underneath me! I did not fall all the way, but enough to make my left leg hurt and my lower back! After that I  just quit. That was the end of our day. Kinsy melted down about 5:30 and would not eat dinner and I refuse to make her something separate. I am sure she is going to be one very hungry girl in the morning! It is now 8pm, Kinsy is asleep in her room, Jack asleep on Branden’s chest. I am considering a bath to help my very sore muscles and then we are going to end this day and hope for a better on tomorrow.

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