life’s amazing twists….

I am not sure that the title to this post is really the right one. I just do not know what else to call it. I am just sitting here today and thinking about all the friends I had in high school. It has been a long time since we were there, lol, and a lot of the memories are starting to get a little on the fuzzy side. Right after high school I left, I moved to California and got married. Then after that I moved to Pennsylvania where I lived for 6 years. During that time I really did not keep in touch with anyone and when I came home to visit I mostly just hung out with my family. Then came divorce and the move back to Arizona. Some of my friends I reconnected with then, some I had no idea where they had moved on to. Fast forward like 4 years, along comes Facebook. I decided to join Facebook because my mom could not quit talking about it, lol. Then once I was on there I realized how many people were also on there. It became like a high school reunion after that! It was so easy to find all of these people and to reconnect. I will admit, I have changed with time and age and some others have to and things are not quite the same. The others… well when we grew up it seems that we learned more about each other and I don’t want to say became more alike, but the differences is what makes us such a great group now. There may be many miles between us, it may have been many years since we have seen each other, but they are my support group. They have been here to talk to me when my mom died, when Branden left, during the pregnancy that I was alone for most of and my big move to Germany. They remind me to take a breath and to stand up and be strong. They sometimes just simply say that they are here for me if I ever need to talk and that is exactly what I need. As you grow up and make new friends it is never quite the same. I have met some great people since high school, people I am sure I will keep in my life forever. It just isn’t the same though to have that friend that you can say…”hey remember back in the day….”. That friend that can remember what your hair looked like your freshman year and has the yearbook picture to remind you! The friends that will make a shutterfly page with pictures from back in junior high and high school! Those friends who remember who your ‘first love’ was and were there when your heart got broken. I can not wait to see these girls again, even though it may be many years. I know a few of them will read this and they know who they are… I just want to let you girls know…. I am so grateful we found each other! I love being a part of your life and having you be a part of mine! I love being able to watch our kids all grow up, even if it is just through posts and pictures on facebook. Without you girls …. these last few years would have been very hard. I want to thank you all for being there for me! And I want you all to know that I am here for you always. I may be in another country… but I am always available on the computer and I can always call you all. Anytime you all need me…. I will do anything that I can for you! Here is to ** years of being friends (you all know how long it has been, I won’t give away our ages!) and to many, many more! XOXOXOXO

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful? i feel so lucky to be connected to so many fabulous women who knew me way back when. Hugs to you from Wyoming!

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