Who would have thought????

Who would have thought that Taco Bell mild sauce would have understood my feelings so well?!?! I always knew I loved that place! ūüôā You never know where you will find support!

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pretty, pretty please with two cherries on top!

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted something really bad? What did you do, you asked your parents… and the reply was always “if you … keep your grades up/do your chores/behave/don’t talk back/etc……. we will get it for you.


If I promise to go back to school and keep my grades up really high AND do all of my¬†chores, all of the time AND be very, very, very good AND never ever talk back to anyone ever again…

can Branden NOT go to Afghanistan? I really do promise I will do all of the above and plus whatever else I have to!

pretty, pretty please with sugar and cherries on the top??

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I am going to take a minute and give props to my husband. It is not something I do very often, even though he does deserve it frequently. I am spoiled. I know I am, he is a great husband and a great daddy. He has always been a hands on dad, never had a problem changing diapers, giving baths or feeding babies. He plays with the kids and he is very active in their lives. He also spoils me. I know there are some days that I am having a bad day and totally feel overwhelmed and I tell him “you never help me” or “I have to do everything by myself”. Almost as soon as I say those words I realize I am lying (but I usually do not tell him that! I am just stubborn like that!). So here I am publicly saying – I love you Branden! I know you always help me when you can, I know you always back me and support me and I know you are very good about not saying anything about my shopping! ūüôā

So I bet you are wondering what has brought this on?¬† You see, I don’t¬†ask for much often. When I shop it is usually for the kids or something for¬†the house. Rarely do I get stuff for me. If¬†I did before it was usually clothes because I had nothing to fit! LOL BUt for Christmas I really, really wanted a cricut. I wanted to be able to do crafts while he was gone. Well I got it and he has been super about letting me get my “supplies”! ūüôā Then after we did taxes I decided I was tired of our furniture. I hated the¬†colors, I was tired of the couch. Basically I just wanted something new. This is what I got!


Go me!!¬†Then on the way home from the castles we saw a lot of deer. My little point and shoot camera would not get those pictures at dusk no matter what I did. That is when we both decided that with as many pictures I take I really could use something bigger and better….. and here it is….

my new toy! I have so much to learn on it! There are so many buttons! lol

So this is my “bragging” post. This will probably be the last time for a very, very long time that I am so spoiled and I decided to get me things. But I am completely, 1000% happy! I love my hubby! XOXOXOXOXO

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closer and closer…

Every day we are one day closer to D day, deployment day. Every day I wake up and my heart aches a little more and every night I go to bed wondering just how this is gonna go down. We are getting to the point where almost everyone I know either 1.) has hubby gone already or 2.) they are packing up. In our house it is packing up time. It is time to review the game plan, time to make sure I have every single piece of legal paper I may need for the next year. This is our first deployment and I am not as sure of my feelings as all these¬†other wives who have been through this before. They are able to write these beautiful pieces on the way they feel and I instantly feel a connection to each one. I just can not get all my feelings down like that. Sure we were separated¬†almost all of 2010, but that was different, I was not sending him off to a combat zone dressed in armor and carrying a gun. Do I worry? Yes, every single minute of every single day. I worry about Branden, I worry about where he is going, I worry about how his living conditions will be, I worry about if they will have the capabilities to keep us in contact via phone and internet. I worry about Kinsy and Jack. Kinsy does not want to discuss daddy leaving but I have been watching her play and I know she knows it is coming. I have talked to her preschool teacher about her lack of wanting to discuss it. I worry about telling her that daddy has to go to work, I don’t want her to think every time¬†I say he is going to work that he is not coming back for a year. So I have been telling her the Army said that Daddy has to move away from us for a little while. Jack is too little to understand, but it is so sad to see him at the stage where he gets excited when he sees his daddy and to know he won’t see him for a whole year. I worry about if I will be able to handle this. I know I am strong, I know I am independent, but what do I say in those moments that all Kinsy wants is to talk to her daddy? What do I do in those moments that every mom has that I just can’t take ONE MORE MINUTE of crying/screaming/toys whatever. We all have those minutes, who do I pass the kids off to? I have made some great friends here, friends that truly understand what I am going through, the thing is… they are all going through it also. I know myself, I know that when I need a break I will not want to ask them, I will not want to make their burden even greater. If they do not need a break yet why should I?

All of these uncertainties…. yet I am certain of these things: I love my husband more than I could ever explain to anyone. I am willing to support him and his job. I am willing to be both mommy and daddy when ever the times that I am needed to. I feel a swell in my heart every time¬†I tell someone my husband is a soldier. Whenever I hear the Army song or the National Anthem…. I get a tear in my eye. The day my hubby leaves I will be the last to hug him, his last piece of home and the day he comes home, I will be the first to hug him also. Although I know that my good-bye will be hard and my year at home will be hard, I am sure it is nothing compared to him leaving his children and doing the job he will be doing. That no matter what … I will stay strong, for my kids and for my husband and ultimately for my country. So that my hubby can go protect our flag and our freedoms and know without a doubt that I am at home protecting our children and our marriage!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy love day! That is what today is.. the day devoted to reminding the ones who are the most special to you why they are the most special to you. We are taking it easy this Valentine’s day. I did get a box of chocolate, although I thought we were not doing anything for each other! We had a picky dinner that consisted of taquitos, chicken nuggets and french fries! Go me on the Valentine’s special dinner! Basically we have kissed each other¬†and all cuddled on the floor and played and just reminded each other¬†on what we all mean to each other. Isn’t that what today is really about???

We did have the most amazing weekend. Saturday we went with friends and took all the kids to a water park. The park is AMAZING! We all had so much fun there. Branden has never seen our little water baby in action! We put water wings on her and you would have thought those gave her some super powers that made her a fish! She loved swimming ‘all by herself’ as she said all day! We took her down the water slide with us a few times and after that she decided that she was big enough to do it alone! She kept pushing Branden down before her so she could be alone.¬†We even took Jack down the water slide and he loved it. Kinsy also decided that she would jump off the diving board all by herself, I was soooo¬†proud of her! We spent like 5 hours or so at the water park, let me tell you we were all exhausted by the time we left! But we managed to drag ourselves to go get something to eat. On our way home from eating though both kids passed out in the car. Branden and I each carried one in, deposited them in their beds and we walked straight to our room and passed out! On Sunday we gave McKinsy¬†the option of going to the zoo or going to see castles. She informed me that she is a princess and she needed to see some castles… so that began our search for local castles. I did find two of them close by and when I showed Kinsy the picture of the one on the computer she said “oh momma, thank you I love you!” and gave me a hug! I was sold, we were going to that castle! The castles were so cool! We got amazing pictures at both and Kinsy LOVED seeing them! Jack was even a good baby and just checked it all out as we were walking around! Then the treat of McDonalds, I know all the people in the states are thinking “McDonalds¬†as a treat??” but here it is a treat. It is a little bit of a drive for us to get to one, and it is much more expensive here than in the states. The menu is also a lot different. Not a lot of the same things. Also each McDonalds¬†has a cafe in it. You can get bakery items and coffee in there. It is pretty cool. On the way home we decided to take the back roads into the base. It was just at dusk and I warned Branden to watched for deer. Right after I said it we saw plenty of them. All of my hunting friends, YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE SIZE OF THE RACKS!!!!!!!!!!!! These bucks were HUGE! I would say that the racks were very easily 2 feet tall! And we saw 6 bucks just hanging out together just munchin on the grass! Of course, my camera SUCKS! and would not get the pictures. I think it was the lighting outside, but I could not get them to show up!! I was so frustrated! We have been talking about getting me a 35 mm digital camera, I really want a canon. That pretty much sealed the deal for me, I am now currently on the hunt for a new camera!

So I will leave this with¬†two pictures of us out at the castles. I wish I could put so much more up… I have them all on facebook if you are interested! The first picture is at Burg Lichtenberg. The second one¬†is Schloss Dhaun.

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no more little pieces of home…

So I just learned today that once the guys deploy they will close our Baskin Robbins and Taco Bell here. They also are going to make our shopette, which is¬†the only 24 hour store open, close at 10 pm. I think this just sucks! I understand that there is not as many people here and I understand that the cost to keep these places open is greater than the business that they will most likely get. And I am tired of all the people saying “well then just go home then, you chose to be in Germany!”. I did not choose Germany, I chose my family, there is a difference. I also will not move my children back to the states for one year while their daddy is gone, that just does not make sense to me. I feel like that is an even bigger disruption than we are getting ready to face. But I can still mourn the little pieces of home that are being taken¬†away! After I am done with my little pity party that it isn’t fair and what do they think they are doing to the ones left here?, then I will put my big girl panties on and I will be an Army wife and suck it up and adapt to the change. There is only 2 1/2 years left here. For the next two and half years I will make the best of Germany. I will see all I can see. I will experience all the different things I can experience. Instead of eating Taco Bell I will finally venture out and try some of the German food I keep hearing about. Plus to be completely honest, I would much rather have the German ice cream over Baskin Robbins and¬†I just can’t wait for the EIS guy to start driving around! I am sure it won’t take long for Kinsy to figure out what that musical truck means! As for no more 24 hour store, well I guess if I am gonna have some middle of the night craving I better have it before 10 pm. ūüôā Speaking of getting out and trying things, I found the coolest little German craft shop yesterday. Even better, it is within walking distance of my house! It has sooo¬†many cool little things! I am sure that I will be there¬†many ,more times.

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just some pics!

seems I don’t have much to say lately… I know SHOCK! We are just moving along doing our thing… so I thought I would share a few pics of my favorite people!

Our little soldier!

new gear

Little miss out riding her scooter! (was freezing out that day, we only lasted like 10 minutes!)

braving the cold to watch sissy play!

Being cute at dinner!

and last thought for today…………..¬† GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ūüôā

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donating blood….

So I decided that today would be the first day that I have ever donated blood. Branden donated on Sunday and I wanted to do it then, but we ran out of time since he went first. The red cross was in Baumholder¬†today and I decided to do it. I took Kinsy to school, ate some breakfast and got Jack dressed and went with one of my friends. I have had blood drawn many times and never had a problem so I kept thinking this would be a piece of cake! Well…. it wasn’t! Here is where I am going to pause in my story for a minute and apologize if this post is rambling or not making sense… my head still feels foggy. So there are sooo¬†many steps to donating blood and Jack was a trooper going from post to post with me and smiling and flirting with everyone he could. Then when it came time for me to sit in the chair he got fussy so I passed him off to my friend that was a few people behind me. When the blood was draining out I remember thinking that maybe I could feel it, like maybe I was a little fuzzy. But I thought it was all in my head.¬† After they took like half my blood (just kidding, it was only one stinking little bag!), I got up and got Jack and went over to the snack table, that is where it all went downhill quick. I grabbed a little thing of pringles¬†and some water and turned around to go stand by my friend, something in my head told me to turn back around and sit down for a few minutes. Luckily Jack was already strapped into his car seat and was falling asleep. As soon as I sat down it was like someone turned up the heat in that gym to like 6 million degrees. I was having a hard time opening the foil on the pringles. Then I finally managed to get it open and put one in my mouth, as soon as I did that I just knew there was gonna be trouble. That one single pringle¬†just pushed me over the edge. Things started getting fuzzy and even hotter and I just knew I was gonna puke! I managed to signal one of the guys in uniform that was working there just as I was sliding off the bleacher to the ground, I didn’t want to fall so far when I passed out! He then asked me if I was ok…. ummm…NO! I am as gray¬†I can possibly be without being dead and I am sweating to death! and I am gagging… do I look like I am ok???? Someone ended up bringing over one of those beds and a garbage can, some lady was fanning me with a folder and I was puking¬†my guts out… it was a great moment in front of lots of people. I get to be the memorable “girl who puked¬†and almost passed out after giving blood”! After I finally was done tasting my breakfast for the second time, they layed¬†me down and elevated my feet and made me suck on an orange slice. I had an ice pack on my neck that felt great actually. After I started getting some color back they sat me up and made me eat more orange and some grapes. Should have just picked those the first time, stupid pringles! By then I was feeling better and I had like 8 minutes to get to Kinsy’s¬†daycare to pick her up before I started getting charged per minute. So I told them I was fine and off I went. I had to sit down in Kinsy’s¬†daycare, got home and I am currently in my recliner with my feet up and I made Branden make me a sandwich! I still am feeling fuzzy… I hope this feeling goes away soon, I have soooo¬†much to do today! I guess I will try one more time when I am eligible to give again. I hate to not do it since the Army only gets their blood supply from within.. but I do not know if I can do this every time I give blood! I guess we will wait and see what happens the next time!

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