donating blood….

So I decided that today would be the first day that I have ever donated blood. Branden donated on Sunday and I wanted to do it then, but we ran out of time since he went first. The red cross was in Baumholder today and I decided to do it. I took Kinsy to school, ate some breakfast and got Jack dressed and went with one of my friends. I have had blood drawn many times and never had a problem so I kept thinking this would be a piece of cake! Well…. it wasn’t! Here is where I am going to pause in my story for a minute and apologize if this post is rambling or not making sense… my head still feels foggy. So there are sooo many steps to donating blood and Jack was a trooper going from post to post with me and smiling and flirting with everyone he could. Then when it came time for me to sit in the chair he got fussy so I passed him off to my friend that was a few people behind me. When the blood was draining out I remember thinking that maybe I could feel it, like maybe I was a little fuzzy. But I thought it was all in my head.  After they took like half my blood (just kidding, it was only one stinking little bag!), I got up and got Jack and went over to the snack table, that is where it all went downhill quick. I grabbed a little thing of pringles and some water and turned around to go stand by my friend, something in my head told me to turn back around and sit down for a few minutes. Luckily Jack was already strapped into his car seat and was falling asleep. As soon as I sat down it was like someone turned up the heat in that gym to like 6 million degrees. I was having a hard time opening the foil on the pringles. Then I finally managed to get it open and put one in my mouth, as soon as I did that I just knew there was gonna be trouble. That one single pringle just pushed me over the edge. Things started getting fuzzy and even hotter and I just knew I was gonna puke! I managed to signal one of the guys in uniform that was working there just as I was sliding off the bleacher to the ground, I didn’t want to fall so far when I passed out! He then asked me if I was ok…. ummm…NO! I am as gray I can possibly be without being dead and I am sweating to death! and I am gagging… do I look like I am ok???? Someone ended up bringing over one of those beds and a garbage can, some lady was fanning me with a folder and I was puking my guts out… it was a great moment in front of lots of people. I get to be the memorable “girl who puked and almost passed out after giving blood”! After I finally was done tasting my breakfast for the second time, they layed me down and elevated my feet and made me suck on an orange slice. I had an ice pack on my neck that felt great actually. After I started getting some color back they sat me up and made me eat more orange and some grapes. Should have just picked those the first time, stupid pringles! By then I was feeling better and I had like 8 minutes to get to Kinsy’s daycare to pick her up before I started getting charged per minute. So I told them I was fine and off I went. I had to sit down in Kinsy’s daycare, got home and I am currently in my recliner with my feet up and I made Branden make me a sandwich! I still am feeling fuzzy… I hope this feeling goes away soon, I have soooo much to do today! I guess I will try one more time when I am eligible to give again. I hate to not do it since the Army only gets their blood supply from within.. but I do not know if I can do this every time I give blood! I guess we will wait and see what happens the next time!

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