no more little pieces of home…

So I just learned today that once the guys deploy they will close our Baskin Robbins and Taco Bell here. They also are going to make our shopette, which is the only 24 hour store open, close at 10 pm. I think this just sucks! I understand that there is not as many people here and I understand that the cost to keep these places open is greater than the business that they will most likely get. And I am tired of all the people saying “well then just go home then, you chose to be in Germany!”. I did not choose Germany, I chose my family, there is a difference. I also will not move my children back to the states for one year while their daddy is gone, that just does not make sense to me. I feel like that is an even bigger disruption than we are getting ready to face. But I can still mourn the little pieces of home that are being taken away! After I am done with my little pity party that it isn’t fair and what do they think they are doing to the ones left here?, then I will put my big girl panties on and I will be an Army wife and suck it up and adapt to the change. There is only 2 1/2 years left here. For the next two and half years I will make the best of Germany. I will see all I can see. I will experience all the different things I can experience. Instead of eating Taco Bell I will finally venture out and try some of the German food I keep hearing about. Plus to be completely honest, I would much rather have the German ice cream over Baskin Robbins and I just can’t wait for the EIS guy to start driving around! I am sure it won’t take long for Kinsy to figure out what that musical truck means! As for no more 24 hour store, well I guess if I am gonna have some middle of the night craving I better have it before 10 pm. 🙂 Speaking of getting out and trying things, I found the coolest little German craft shop yesterday. Even better, it is within walking distance of my house! It has sooo many cool little things! I am sure that I will be there many ,more times.

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