Happy Valentines Day!

Happy love day! That is what today is.. the day devoted to reminding the ones who are the most special to you why they are the most special to you. We are taking it easy this Valentine’s day. I did get a box of chocolate, although I thought we were not doing anything for each other! We had a picky dinner that consisted of taquitos, chicken nuggets and french fries! Go me on the Valentine’s special dinner! Basically we have kissed each other and all cuddled on the floor and played and just reminded each other on what we all mean to each other. Isn’t that what today is really about???

We did have the most amazing weekend. Saturday we went with friends and took all the kids to a water park. The park is AMAZING! We all had so much fun there. Branden has never seen our little water baby in action! We put water wings on her and you would have thought those gave her some super powers that made her a fish! She loved swimming ‘all by herself’ as she said all day! We took her down the water slide with us a few times and after that she decided that she was big enough to do it alone! She kept pushing Branden down before her so she could be alone. We even took Jack down the water slide and he loved it. Kinsy also decided that she would jump off the diving board all by herself, I was soooo proud of her! We spent like 5 hours or so at the water park, let me tell you we were all exhausted by the time we left! But we managed to drag ourselves to go get something to eat. On our way home from eating though both kids passed out in the car. Branden and I each carried one in, deposited them in their beds and we walked straight to our room and passed out! On Sunday we gave McKinsy the option of going to the zoo or going to see castles. She informed me that she is a princess and she needed to see some castles… so that began our search for local castles. I did find two of them close by and when I showed Kinsy the picture of the one on the computer she said “oh momma, thank you I love you!” and gave me a hug! I was sold, we were going to that castle! The castles were so cool! We got amazing pictures at both and Kinsy LOVED seeing them! Jack was even a good baby and just checked it all out as we were walking around! Then the treat of McDonalds, I know all the people in the states are thinking “McDonalds as a treat??” but here it is a treat. It is a little bit of a drive for us to get to one, and it is much more expensive here than in the states. The menu is also a lot different. Not a lot of the same things. Also each McDonalds has a cafe in it. You can get bakery items and coffee in there. It is pretty cool. On the way home we decided to take the back roads into the base. It was just at dusk and I warned Branden to watched for deer. Right after I said it we saw plenty of them. All of my hunting friends, YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE SIZE OF THE RACKS!!!!!!!!!!!! These bucks were HUGE! I would say that the racks were very easily 2 feet tall! And we saw 6 bucks just hanging out together just munchin on the grass! Of course, my camera SUCKS! and would not get the pictures. I think it was the lighting outside, but I could not get them to show up!! I was so frustrated! We have been talking about getting me a 35 mm digital camera, I really want a canon. That pretty much sealed the deal for me, I am now currently on the hunt for a new camera!

So I will leave this with two pictures of us out at the castles. I wish I could put so much more up… I have them all on facebook if you are interested! The first picture is at Burg Lichtenberg. The second one is Schloss Dhaun.

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