I am going to take a minute and give props to my husband. It is not something I do very often, even though he does deserve it frequently. I am spoiled. I know I am, he is a great husband and a great daddy. He has always been a hands on dad, never had a problem changing diapers, giving baths or feeding babies. He plays with the kids and he is very active in their lives. He also spoils me. I know there are some days that I am having a bad day and totally feel overwhelmed and I tell him “you never help me” or “I have to do everything by myself”. Almost as soon as I say those words I realize I am lying (but I usually do not tell him that! I am just stubborn like that!). So here I am publicly saying – I love you Branden! I know you always help me when you can, I know you always back me and support me and I know you are very good about not saying anything about my shopping! 🙂

So I bet you are wondering what has brought this on?  You see, I don’t ask for much often. When I shop it is usually for the kids or something for the house. Rarely do I get stuff for me. If I did before it was usually clothes because I had nothing to fit! LOL BUt for Christmas I really, really wanted a cricut. I wanted to be able to do crafts while he was gone. Well I got it and he has been super about letting me get my “supplies”! 🙂 Then after we did taxes I decided I was tired of our furniture. I hated the colors, I was tired of the couch. Basically I just wanted something new. This is what I got!


Go me!! Then on the way home from the castles we saw a lot of deer. My little point and shoot camera would not get those pictures at dusk no matter what I did. That is when we both decided that with as many pictures I take I really could use something bigger and better….. and here it is….

my new toy! I have so much to learn on it! There are so many buttons! lol

So this is my “bragging” post. This will probably be the last time for a very, very long time that I am so spoiled and I decided to get me things. But I am completely, 1000% happy! I love my hubby! XOXOXOXOXO

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