happy dance!

I am currently sitting in my room at Edelweiss in Garmish. This place is BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad that I got the chance to have this experience. I have met some great women, Kinsy has found all kinds of new “friends” and I am seeing beautiful landscape. The mountains here are amazing. I am used to seeing mountains being from Arizona, but those mountains to not even began to compare to the Bavarian Alps. These mountains here seem to jet straight up and go on FOREVER! I really have not seen the top of them since it has been so cloudy here. The resort itself is so pretty and so relaxing. I was scheduled tomorrow for a day trip to Munich and I was sooo excited to go there and see all the stuff on the tour and get lots of pics. Unfortunately, Jack has been very congested since before we left and he is just not getting better. He is having a really hard time at the CDC and just not sleeping or eating for them. So instead of going out I will be staying at the resort with my munchkins. I am hoping to spend the day swimming and maybe if the weather cooperates a walk around Garmish. This get away was just what I needed. I am hoping that this renews me and gives me that little boost that I need to keep going! And I do have to throw in that the marriage classes I am taking are great! The guy giving them is so funny and he totally speaks the truth. I really hope when Branden gets home we have the chance to take this together.. I really think he would enjoy it also. But now it is time for me to slip into my hotel bed and lay my head down for a few winks!

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