prayers needed..

Yesterday this deployment became very, very real. Not that we all were not feeling it, but it is easy to pretend they are off on some training exercise. Yesterday was the first time, and hopefully the last time, that a red message alert came over the computer. A red message informs us (after the family has been notified) that there has been a casualty in our community. Unfortunately, two brave soldiers lost their lives on Monday. I read that one was married with two small children, the other there was no information. My brain did not know how to wrap around this yesterday. I cried for the loss of two of our men, I cried for their families whose lives are now forever changed, I cried for the realization that this is REAL this is not a training exercise. I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought that while I was out running errands, on this very same post some family was getting the news that they were never going to see their loved one again. I know there have been lots of brave souls lost, but this is close to home. These are the same guys that left with my husband. Branden reassures me every phone call that he is ok, not to worry and he will be home soon, but did these other soldiers do the same thing to their wives? I am fully aware that this is their jobs, that this is a risk we all took when they joined…. but that doesn’t make my heart ache any less for all of those families who have lost a loved one. I wish I could just give them all a hug, I don’t know how they feel and I hope that I never do, but I can tell them how sorry I am and how grateful we all are to their soldier. It isn’t much, I know……..

*** post interrupted by skype call from my hubby!****

Now I have lost my train of thought…. so I will just end saying, please keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers. Both sacrifice so much. And to the families of Sgt. Burgess and Sgt. Lammerts, you are in my heart and in my prayers. If anyone knows them and there is anything I can do for these families… please, please let me know.

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  1. Praying for you guys and for those who are brave enough to risk their lives every day protecting the freedom we take for granted. Love you much!

  2. i just now read this, Caryn. i am so sorry. i can’t imagine what it is like for you when you find out something like this. Believe that you are stronger than you realize 🙂 Big hugs to you and your babies.

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