what I learned this last week…

I miss my husband! LOL! No seriously, I am never, ever, ever and one more ever gonna move without him again. Thank God for great friends that were here to help me out! I don’t know how I would have done it without all the help I got. Now I am just putting everything away. I have decided that it is no fun to put it away alone either, at least not with the help of a 3 yr old and 10 month old! I also can not decide how to put my living room furniture and quite honestly McKinsy is no help with that one. 😦 I sent Branden a message that we may be rearranging furniture when he comes home. I really thought that I was pretty smart, until I tried to hook the Wii and Playstation and surround sound back up, then decided that the kids and I will live without that stuff until Branden comes home on R&R!! And those dressers that come in the box for you to put together yourself… well there should be a warning on them that you need some kind of engineering degree. That damn thing took me two days and I have a callous on my hand from all the screws I had to screw in! Kinsy also is not very good at interior decorating, but she is great at throwing her stuff in the boxes to be brought over!

On a more positive spin though – I learned that when it comes down to it… I can get the job done. I am capable of setting my pride aside and asking for help. That even though I thought about putting that dresser aside, I pushed through and took my time and it is done and it looks great! That the house will eventually get unpacked, I am only one person with two small kids and there is only so much I can do in a day! I can’t wait for Branden to come home and see his new house!

And cute moment of the day – First thing this morning Kinsy, Jack and me were cuddled on the couch watching Disney channel. We have not had tv for 3 days so this was exciting, but the cute part is Kinsy hugged Jack and told him that he is her best friend and he smiled at her and kissed her! I so love my kiddos and I love watching this bond between them develop! Now off to fill that dresser I built and then get ready and maybe give my kids a break at the park today!

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