the cutest relationship ever!!!!!

First off I will start by saying things have been BUSY here! I have been super neglectful of my blog. It seems that there is always stuff that happens that I could write about, but at night when I sit down to write, I am just too tired to form the words together. I can’t believe that my last post was like two months ago! Since then Kinsy has started gymnastics and soccer, we finally fought enough to get her into speech therapy, she will start 3 day preschool next week, she has learned to sing the songs from Little Mermaid and does so all the time, her room has changed from princesses to butterflies and flowers, she STILL carries her princesses everywhere with us just in a different purse now since she wore the strap out on the last one! Jack has learned how to run and climb, he is a little daredevil that has no fear and I am pretty sure sets out to give me at least one heart attack a day! His room changed from a baby theme with stars, to a big boy bed set that has trucks, planes and trains! He talks and walks and is in the process of mastering the tantrum, so far the only thing that stops him in the middle of it is if I start to critique his way of doing it. Like telling him he should be laying down and kicking his feet, he just looks at me like I am crazy when I do that! Branden came home for R&R and spent two weeks here. None of that two weeks went as planned as he was sick, I had strep throat for a week and Kinsy had an ER visit for another ear infection and Jack teething all four molars during it. All on top of trying to still travel and not having the places we were going be very cooperative (like closing on a random day that we were on our way there!). In that two months we have been to Heidelberg twice to see the castle and then the church, the Freisen Wildlife Park, Monte Mare for swimming, Wild Und Wanderpark, numerous trips to Ramstein and even a quick trip to Spangdahlem to pick up Yashira’s car. We have had our friends leave for the states and still be there and we miss them tremendously. But we have made new friends that we are having a great time with! We had my birthday, which was spent with me and my two babies and two pieces of cake! lol Many trips to the Eis cafe, which is our favorite! Many, many more things I am sure that I am just not thinking of right now!

But I am getting off track, originally when I decided I wanted to blog today it was to talk about the cuteness that I am seeing almost daily now! I can’t help but gush about the relationship I see developing between Jack and Kinsy. I love to watch him walk up to her for random hugs now. It makes my heart melt to hear her tell him “It is okay boo, I am right here” when he is upset and crying. He is asking for da da in the car after we left the airport and Kinsy leans over and grabs his hands and tells him “Boo, daddy had to go back to work, he isn’t here now”. I thought I was gonna break down in tears and have to pull over when I heard that! I still actually think it is cute to hear her playing in her room and hear him try to go in and hear the big sister “Leave me alone Jack! Get out of my room!”. I am sure there will come a time that I don’t think it is so cute anymore, but for now, I like it! I like knowing that if for some reason I can not comfort Jack, that he will now turn to his sister for it and she will be there to give him a hug and say “I love you baby Jack”. They are two and a half years apart, almost exactly, I am glad that they are spaced like this. I think it is perfect for them. My hope is that even though I know they are going to fight and not always get along, that they will always love and respect and protect each other. That no matter what, they will always remain friends. I want to see their relationship like that of me and my siblings. I want them to notice if they haven’t heard from the other one in too long. I want them to know what is going on in each other’s lives. I want them to know that no matter what it happening, they will ALWAYS be able to turn to the other one for love, support and acceptance. I am sure that this relationship is one that is going to continue to melt my heart for many more years to come. I am just so excited to see it starting to develop now and can’t wait to see what the future holds for my babies!

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