He is home!!!

I guess it is time to update! Branden made it home about 3 weeks ago and things have been going crazy ever since. Just like our luck that we had on R&R, Branden’s first night home the stomach flu struck our house. It started with Jack that Sat. night and by Monday we all had it. What a way to get thrown back into parenting! He did good though and we all stuck it through. After almost a week we were all feeling good enough to actually enough being together, LOL.

With every redeployment there is a re adjustment phase. That is currently what we are going through. The kids and are excited to finally have daddy home with us and he is glad to be home too. All of us just have to change the attitudes and routines we have had for the last year +. I am used to doing things all alone and being the only boss and everything runs on MY schedule. I am learning to ask for help and not expect that he just knows what needs to be done. I am also trying to be more patient that not everything runs on my schedule, but honestly, that one is a little harder to manage. I find myself getting very aggravated when I am waiting. I also am having a hard time with the mess I am having around the house with military stuff and picking up after another adult. But I am working on it. Even though the kids are excited he is home, they have been used to coming to me for the last year. I am trying to get them to understand that they can go to dad and that dad also makes rules. Kinsy especially has had a lot of hurt feelings when daddy is trying to make her do something and she is not listening. And since I was the only rule maker for the last year, Kinsy is convinced that if daddy says no, I should be able to change his mind! Not working out real good for her! Jack just likes having a guy around. Someone to wrestle with and play trucks and do boy stuff. He has totally been in his glory. As far as how Branden is adjusting… well I am not real sure. Our biggest issue right now is communication. I guess he just got so used to not talking to anyone for a year that he doesn’t even talk to me now. I am trying to open him up, but it normally makes him upset. So I have been backing off. I am a little upset on the day they were all supposed to see the psychologist that no one called Branden. He went to work that day at the shop and no one was there so he came home. Apparently they were all in counselling. I really wish he would not have missed that day, but if I say anything he gets upset. So for right now we are just riding that one out. He did lose a lot of weight while he is gone, so we are really trying to put some of that back on him. I swear he eats non-stop! Which is horrible for me losing weight, LOL!

Speaking of my weight loss, I am very proud of myself, down 11 lbs!!! I have been doing this for like 8 weeks now, so not a HUGE change. But the numbers on the scale are still down and so are the numbers on the tape measure. I just started back at the gym today since now I can leave the kids with Branden to go. I have about 25 more pounds before I hit my goal, but it is heading in the right direction so I am pretty proud of myself!

Jack hit a bit milestone and switched from his crib to a toddler bed. So far we are still struggling a lot with it. Little sleep going on in this house. Branden said he does not want to put the crib back together, so I guess we are just gonna be toughing it out! I hope he catches on soon though, I really miss sleeping through the night! Kinsy is doing great in speech and gymnastics. She has two boyfriends in her class at preschool, Gabriel and Kaleb. Last week Kaleb brought her a pretty purple bracelet, she wears it all the time. Then today they did their Valentines and Gabriel brought here a necklace and bracelet and Kaleb brought her a ring! It totally cracks me up and at the same time I am wondering if this is what preschool is like what are we gonna do in High School??? Right now it is all innocent and cute and I have even marked it down in her baby book, I can’t wait to tease her about it when she gets older!

That is about it on the updates! This week is just going to be catching up and dental visits and other doctor visits and then next week we our off on our mini vaca!!! Going to be spending 4 days in the Bavarian Alps at Edelweiss in Garmish and taking day tours to Munich and Neushwanstein Castle! And planning lots and lots of swimming time in the pool with the kids. Hopefully massage time for mommy and daddy too! 🙂

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