our ever changing life….

Once again, life is changing! It seems like I had finally gotten into a great routine before Branden had come home. We had preschool three mornings a week, gymnastics one afternoon, speech therapy another afternoon and various appointments through out the week. I also somehow managed to keep a clean house and laundry caught up. Then Branden came home. I knew that for the first few weeks our life would be topsy turvy. We would be catching up and spending time together. For that, the house and the laundry could wait. Kinsy still went to school. But gymnastics and speech got put on hold for family vacation time. The first week was re integration, so he would leave in the am and I would TRY to get the kids ready for the day and Kinsy to class. But it seemed he would only be gone 2-3 hours and then home again. I was so glad that he didn’t have to be gone long, but didn’t give me much time to get anything done. Then we went on vacation for a week. It was a FABULOUS week spent in the Bavarian Alps. We played in the snow, went to Neuschwanstein Castle (it is the castle that Disney has based their castle off of) and walked through the city of Munich (which I loved!). We ate traditional Bavarian food and drank fantastic beer! lol Then back to reality, or so I thought! Branden went back to work on Monday and was home an hour after he went. There is little to nothing for them to do right now. So basically they go to PT early in the am, go to formation at 9:30 and then home until 15:30 when they have PT again and come home. Again, not much time for me to get anything accomplished. Branden also had surgery on his eyes this last week, nothing major, it is like lasik but called PRK. Now he is on convalescent leave for a week. The point of all of this above is….. MY HOUSE IS TRASHED! lol and it is driving me insane! I don’t feel like I can get back into the groove of things. I love that he is home, I love seeing him with the kids and hearing the kids talk to him. I love to have another adult around all the time and better yet it is my best friend, the person I can talk to about everything. I love my bed not feeling so empty at night. BUT….. I hate the laundry piling up, the dishes in the sink, the appointments we are late for, the RUSHED feeling I have all the time. I am not sure at this point how to get back into the groove if life. I feel like everything is in fast forward.

We are also now on a countdown. Right now we are 83 days away from leaving Germany! Awesome right?? Well yes and no….. I can’t wait to get out of here and be back in the states. In true Army form though,  we are in hurry up and wait mode. We know it is coming, we even know that most likely we will end up in Fort Hood, Texas with a report date in the beginning of July. Until we have those orders in our grubby little fingers, there is not a damn thing we can do with that knowledge!! We can look up websites of our new post and check out local rentals for houses (all which we have done!). There is just no scheduling ANYTHING for the move. The military will come pack us up and before they come I have to decide what we will take with us, what goes in our household goods, what goes in unaccompanied baggage and what I will ship on my own. I just hate to start doing that too early and I have NO IDEA if right now is too early!! I also have about a million and one questions about the move and no one to ask them to right now since we have no definite orders! Argh!!!!! For a type A person this can be very, very frustrating! I am learning to curb my type A obsessions, there are just times that it all gets the best of me!

So right now I am trying to learn again to just breathe. I am sure I had all these feelings when Branden first left. I vaguely remember feeling like I had no routine and things were chaos. I guess it took 11 months for me to feel comfortable in the new routine, it is going to take some time to find this routine. I also need to realize that it just might not happen before we get to the states. I should prepare for the worse and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out easier than I thought! I am trying to remember that no one but me cares if there is laundry on the love-seat or dishes in the sink. No one has run out of clean socks or underwear yet, so I must not be that far behind in the laundry! We will get orders when we get orders, nothing I can do will rush that process along. We are not the first person to PCS and this is not the first time the people here have done it, so I am sure it will run smoother than I am anticipating. I also am a naturally super organized person, so when it comes time to pack, things are already put together anyways.  So it is time to STOP and BREATHE and enjoy my last few weeks in Germany, who knows when we will get back here again!

(and thanks for reading my rant/vent! I feel much better now that I got that all off my chest!)  🙂

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