Paynes in Texas!

Wow life has been crazy since the last post! I just read the last one and it said we had 80 some days until we left Germany and here we are, 2 months since we have been in the states! Leaving Germany was exciting and sad and annoying all at once. It seemed like we had all the little details of our move forever except for that little paper that would actually let us start the process! We finally got those orders about 3 weeks before we left. It was a crazy three weeks of packing and scheduling pick ups and out processing. Saying good-bye to our friends was pretty rough. Luckily the Army is a small world. Two of my friends are here in Texas with me and I am sure I will see the others somewhere along this path again. 🙂 The trip from Germany to Texas was smooth and uneventful. The kids did fantastic as usual on that really long flight (it is 11 hours!), they are turning into being old pro’s at it. That was their 4th time doing the flight, I think they are getting used to it. It was nice to have Branden with me this time though, it was the first time I had help on the flight. It made it much more enjoyable for me! LOL We got into Dallas on June 4th and the next day rented a car and went car shopping! Found our little Kia Sorrento that day, returned the rental car and packed up our hotel and we were on the road the following morning to AZ! It was a 15 hour drive, kids again did great. They watched their movies on the portable dvd player, played with each other and slept off and on the whole drive. Very little whining and crying. It was great! We spent the next month in Arizona going between Phoenix, Prescott Valley and Showlow. We saw all of our family, the majority of our friends, had a couple grown up nights out, went to the rodeo (where Kinsy rode the mechanical bull!!), had Jack’s second birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. It was a very busy month and we had a great time seeing everyone. To be honest though, that last week I was ready to be in our own house and to stop travelling and living out of suitcases. The kids were getting crankier and needing a little more discipline than normal. Mommy was getting crankier and having a shorter fuse. It was time to get our lives back together. Luckily for us, the housing office called us while we were still in AZ and said a house was ready for us on post and we even got upgraded to a 4 bedroom. The only drawback, we had to sign on it unseen or we would lose it. So we crossed our fingers and signed for it and sent our friend to go pick up our keys. A couple days later we packed up our UHaul (yes we acquired that much stuff in the month we were there! We had a lot we had left behind!), our kids and the dog (yes Jager came back to live with us, something we were soooo excited about!) and started the long journey back to Texas, 18 hours, to be exact! I will be honest and say the kids were not the best travellers this time around. They were cranky and whiny and tired of being in the car and travelling. I can’t say I blame them. I was so happy when we finally made it to our new home!

Our new house in Texas is….. well…… different. I do not like the layout of this house as much as I did my house in Baumholder. I feel like it is smaller even though we have an extra room. We moved into a six-plex and we are the middle one and it is a two story house. It doesn’t have very many upgrades. On a positive note though, it does have a fenced in backyard and my neighbors are super nice. We spent the first 3 weeks with nothing but camping chairs and air mattresses and cheap walmart plastic dishes! It was the longest “camping” trip EVER! lol Then the end of July we got my car back and all of our household goods in. It was like Christmas in July. Since then we have been unpacking boxes and trying to make this our home. It is starting to come together and starting to feel more like ours. I forgot to mention that Fort Hood is HUGE!!!! The first time I went to the commissary I am pretty sure I tripped over my jaw a few times! It was so big and there was such a huge selection of everything, nothing like Baumholder! I have learned my way to the important places so far. I have not got the courage to drive off post yet. Killeen is big and I have no idea where everything is and I do not have my permanent stickers on my car yet, just my German plate, so it makes me nervous. I think I am going to try it within the next few days though. Which leads me to the the next topic!…

Kinsy is starting Pre-K!!! We are all so excited for her! The school is just down the street so I will be able to walk her to and from school. She is super excited to be going to the big kid school! Now just have to take her school shopping for her first day outfit and new shoes and her supplies (hence the reason I am going to have to leave post soon!). I am hoping now that things are starting to settle down I can write more on here. There is so much I left out of this one, otherwise it would be a novel! I will try to add a little more each day and then I can fully catch up!

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